Super Metroid World

For the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention’s minigame competition, I made a Nintendo DS homebrew “minigame” (although it’s a pretty functional engine) called Super Metroid World–basically a Mario game with Samus as the character, along with some of her items and enemies. I thought I’d post it here for those who didn’t check it out at NCFC. It’s got one pretty short level with a bottomless pit for an ending, and two thirds of the graphics are rips (see Credits.txt for details), along with some ripped sounds and music made by other people, but that’s all because I only had about 4 days to make it. Kuro-Chan made the Samus sprites. I edited pretty much everything slightly to make it suit the DS better. (ie. removed some colors, lowered sound quality)

I apologize for leaving the debug screen in the images, but I was in a rush to post.

Having spent 35 hours typing up its 74 KB of C code from scratch, including an hour nightly that I would normally spend sleeping, losing to what seemed to be a quickie GameMaker project made me quite unhappy. (No hard feelings toward the judges or Guinea, though. :stuck_out_tongue:)

Hope you like it. I might work on it again later on.

(Note: Blue power suit = Zero Suit placeholder sprites. Also, you start off with the Power Suit upgrade. The top screen is only used for debug info after the splash screens, and I may put in an option to switch screens, and the unused screen will be turned off.)

I recommend the no$gba emulator, but I don’t endorse using it for illegal activities. Support Nintendo!


I played this on my DS. I find the control very stiff, the screw attack is out of control. I always die with the screw attack because It makes you jump all over the place, It’s really nerve wracking. I hope you will implement crouching. How come I can’t shoot when I’m blue? Why is B jump and A shoot? It’s a good start, and I hope this goes somewhere.

I’m not sure what makes it “stiff.” The movement is about identical to that of the GBA Metroids. I couldn’t come up with a way to make screw attack look right without making it force you to jump. I have no plans to increment crouching because this is supposed to be a Mario style game (think of Metroid 1). The closest to crouching that it may ever get is becoming immobile and unable to shoot. The “blue suit” is a Zero Suit placeholder, as I said in the first post. Mario is wimpy when small, so Samus is wimpy when suitless. B is jump and A is shoot because that’s what I decided to make it (I don’t think about these things). This isn’t going anywhere any time soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

if you hold down in the mario games it makes you cower, or crouch.

I know. >_>

so add crouch noob :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Video uploaded: