Super smash bros melee characters

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Ridley will be in brawl. Sakurai is reading the Nsider forums, and Ridley is THE MOST demanded character, no question. Also, he’s the only one on the considered list from metroid. Therefore, even though it’s unnoficiall, ridley will be in brawl. No question.

unnoficial? exactly. hes too powerfull to be in brawl. he isnt a character, hes a boss. he can fly, for one. and that wouldnt be fair. and him being hurt by the normal characters of SSB would only ruin his reputation! i know hes demanded, and i agree he should be in it just so i could use him. but he shouldnt be in it. you know what i mean?

Mewtwo was a boss. He could fly. And his reputation of being the most powerful Pokemon character to ever exist wasn’t ruined. Balancing Ridley into the game wouldn’t be as difficult as you’re making it sound.

posting this on a metroid fan site is sorta stupid…of course most people will pick samus

true. and troid… yeah i guess your right. i just wonder what he will be able to do exactly. maybe my main point is that he is huge…

He doesnt have to be huge. Bowser was huge in SM64, but they sized him down nicely. He could be bigger than bowser (without the wings) and still be a reasonable size. Check the Nsider forums for some good movesets. And like i said, he’s the only metroid character on the considered characters list.

besides samus and zero suit samus… its odd that metroid has three characters in SSBB… cool i think.

Reality check:Pit can fly :unamused:

um…please do not post on 5 4 month old topics, stay within a month at most, these are likely dead (or very slow?)

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Samus rules because of her projectile attacks I’m more of a distance fighter myself also link’s speed is something nice I use him for hard battles.

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Fuck you, Omega.

well at least he had something other than “yes yes… i agree with that” this time. he DID post his opinion about the characters, after all…

I would kick major @r$e with any character on SSBM, but I like Link and Samus because they have some of the strongest attacks like with Samus and her Charge Beam. If someone comes at you when you are charging, all u have to do is press Left or Right and you will Morph Ball in that direction, then press B to continue charging, same in SSB. With Link though, if you press Up + A, Link can juggle his enemies in the air, then beat the $h!t out of them with the Spin Attack. Young Link has a better spin than Adult Link though. BTW, what do people think of SSBB (Brawl) for the Wii. I watched a movie of it and it looks so cool!