you cruel heartless bastard…

so ive been looing for super glue for the past 3 days
i finaly found a new tube of it
i go to open it and BAM sprayed in the FACE
my glasses are ruined and i almost had it in my eyes

now im blind and am covered in super glue D=

actually, boil water on the stove or in a kettle and soak your glasses in it. The glue should either melt off or soften to the point that you could scrape it off with your fingers.

sadly there is no glue on my glases
theyre just burns

oh shit. Now that can’t be fixed. It’s gonna cost a lot to replace.

nah i can get new ones for 50 bucks

ive been needing new ones anyway…

they’ll be transitions too ^^

n00b, I’ve had transitions for like 5 years

i have transitions

but i fail at eye tests so these glasses are over prescribed and i can only get 20/40 vision w/ em…

I just dont have to wear glasses 0-0

on the up side my glasses protected me form a bunch of EYE GLUE