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Yeah so not like I’m a month late or anything, but here’s some of the grammar edits and stuff they recommended:

Judging from what I was told, you’re a bit of a comma and semicolon whore. Which is funny, because I am too.

Also, one big recommendation they had was to split your dialogue into its own paragraphs. It seems like it’s lost in all the action the way you have it now.

Uh…so yeah, an update…kinda…I guess.

So I’ve been busy catching up in school and stuff, but now that it’s summer, I’m gonna get ready to show some more stuff. However, everything I have right now needs some work, so give me a week (or two).

So, in the meantime, here’s an image that made me laugh uncontrollably for 5 minutes.

This wasn’t made by me. All credit goes to Kabutroid, who also makes a webcomic, obviously. It’s pretty funny, IMO.

So yeah, give me a week, and I’ll have something concrete to put in here.

from the fruit of the tree’s loins

I don’t get it. T.S.?

Link fail. Give me a few minutes.

EDIT: Fixed.

Still confused…

you people obviously don’t know how to right click> properties a picture, then post the link in your address bar >.>


I get it now…

that is made of win

God, the link keeps breaking…Hold up.

EDIT: That should fix it…hopefully.

Nope. Re-host it somewhere else.

I can see it just fine. :confused:


Here, let’s just do this. Here’s a link.

Still doesn’t work. Lol.

Oh, fuck it.

Here’s a different picture:


it works for me, and i love the bananas pic :3

Meh, it gives me the little “T.S.” symbol. Btw, anyone except me know what that stands for?

Anyway, I’m gonna start working on stuff this weekend (a.k.a. tomorrow), so expect something by, say, monday or tuesday.

so old.

Okay, so issues with finances have come up over the weekend, preventing me from getting anything done. I’ll see what I can do this week.