…better than all the rest!
Better than anyone.
Anyone that ever took a dump.

Check this out


I love Sweden. …and Switzerland.
Hot springs, hot blonde girls, polar bears. Sounds like heaven!

polar bears, infinity? how do polar bears make it heaven?

although I’ll agree with the girls and springs

satire FTW

Yes, polar bears…

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom."
good youtube, you look kinda cool.

what was the video about?

Taxes. We pay much more in taxes here in Sweden but we also have free health care. US citizens hate taxes and they want to be ruined if they get sick.

It’s not like you’re the only ones with free health care ya know, we get such things here in the great white north too >_>

Free health care isn’t the best thing in the world, you know.

Think about it, if there isn’t any profit in creating new drugs (which is REALLY expensive to do), why would any companies do it?

Oh and we have insurance that covers medical bills.

but there is profit, subsidized by our taxes, besides, if we really need new drugs we can always rely on the states >_>

Exactly my point.

BTW, subsidies don’t help. Lemme show you what I mean:
Let’s say you make 1 new drug per year. (not unlikely, 1:100 chance of something actually working, and it’s millions per trial)
The gov. then hands you a check for 3 mill. You aren’t gonna spend it, you’re probably going to stick it in your pocket and move on.

That’s why the Bailout plan is such an epic fail. xD

Either way, I like my USA. We have things like the best military ever. Thats what I like.

However, it’s also the most regulated. Sure we have the firepower. But we can’t use it, because ‘it’s too cruel’.

:imp: :imp: :imp:

the only thing your military really has going for it is the threat value of nukes and shear numbers of over-patriotic mindless drones willing to die for the ‘almighty’ USA

we were respected once, because our soldiers were among the best and most disciplined evar >_>

WWII reference, eh, Syntax?

Sorry, we were just covering that in my U.S. History class. I never knew Canadians participated in the war. Largely, I mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, Fuck America. I want to move to Switzerland or Australia. They never get involved. :stuck_out_tongue:

and WWI

I mean the Germans called US stormtroopers and as empty as it may sound Hitler respected us, I mean i guess it’s a complement since he was a brilliant military mind >_>

also our soldiers are still respected even if our army as a whole isn’t >_>

That’s really not an empty compliment. Hitler may have been an evil bastard who murdered millions, but as you said, he was a brilliant military mind.

That really doesn’t surprise me. I mean, the thing about the U.S. military is that we just have enough people to throw at the enemy that the enemy will get tired of fighting or they’ll be too many of our casualties littering the battlefield.

Essentially, I’m saying that U.S. soldiers would be cannon fodder in video games. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, us 1st-world democracies top the charts in terms of military strength because we have very small forces that are very well-equipped. Notice how Israel and the US, even though we’re both in the middle of wars, take tiny fractions of percents of casualties of the opposing side. It’s not because we zerg the other side. It’s because we shell them without ever even seeing them.
So stfu about the mindless drone/cannon fodder business. We’re short on people (hence all the talk about a draft a couple of years ago), and we value each life in our military a lot more than most other militaries.

I’d also contest that Hitler was a brilliant military mind. He would have won the war if he hadn’t decided that it’d be a good idea to backstab ol’ Josef. The reason it almost worked is you’d have to be completely fucking idiotic to do that, so Stalin didn’t see it coming. But then he got his ass handed to him, and rightfully so… because why the hell wouldn’t you just be happy taking over Europe, and maybe then you can move on to the world superpowers.

Eh, you’re probably right.

It sure seems like that sometimes, though.