Swing Swing Swing


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I needed to put my new physics system to the test, so I made a game. This visual style is the epitome of “programmer art,” just solid wire frames, but I think you’ll appreciate it more when you see it in motion.

Headphones and External Mouse Recommended


NetMission Engine

Better than Prime2D by a long shot. No clue why you still work on it when you have this.


Ouch. We really thought we had something special going. :frowning_face:

I guess we’ll try to revise the concept for our next demo.


I think you guys are taking P2D’s April Fool’s joke a little too seriously. P2D is definitely going to be a full open world battle royale crypocurrent MMORPG scalable voxel crafter, not just a boring prime number mini-game.

(Glad you like Swing Swing Swing though :wink:)


I think the next demo should be entirely physics based where you use the grapple beam to move around.


I’m planning to submit this to NCFC this year.
So I made a really quick new logo or icon or something for this game:


Any chance you’ll submit it under Metroid so I’m not alone?