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Okay, so it turns out that the United States Congress is trying to put through a bill that will censor the Internet, like in China or Iran. But it gets better, this is going to be at the behest of Corporations to preserve their copyrights, and, those arrogant fucks are planing on simply removing the blacklisted sites from the net period, not just censoring them for the people they have actual jurisdiction over.

Those Americans among us who are of the age of majority should contact their congressmen and tell them that you would not support this bull…I mean bill

Congratulations are in order I suppose, the US has become a fascist state (for those too ignorant to know, fascists aren’t the same as Nazis, the Nazis were just fascists. Fascism is when corporations control government that is the dictionary definition, not the misguided cultural definition)


Welcome to the Socialist States of America. We are already approaching 40% socialism in our policies (I’m in Economics right now).

We’ve got welfare, social security, food stamps, public housing, now medical care… all that’s left is to control the media, religion, and guns.

I would say we are not fascist, as a lot of the stuff that’s been going down is going to cripple some pretty large corps (specifically the medical industry). Yes, corps do have lobbyists, but how things are going, it would appear the government listens to them about as much as it listens to us: AKA it doesn’t.

If they weren’t listening to lobbyists why would this bill exist? did you forget that the health care bill only barely got through? Anyway on paper it looks like you’ve become like your friendly neighbours to the north, but have you noticed that most of the media outlets have a majorly conservative bent? And the one that doesn’t has demonstrated incompetence all throughout its existence? No, your right, government doesn’t control media at the moment, the opposition controls the media and I’d say that thats just as bad.

There’s also this.

It’s also funny to me that the person many people like to blame for the “socialist shift” is opposed to this bill.

I’ll be surprised if they ever start to control religion, considering the state of it in the US. Seems too wide-open for the government to snatch control.
If they ever actually control the media instead of the mass media being just, y’know, bad, I will be sad but unsurprised. Controlling internet censorship would certainly help that happen. I don’t like that my government wants to control the flow of information.

…Can’t say I give much of a shit about guns. <<

[citation needed]

Can you post some links for us please so we can read through it? I mean… no offense but taking one person’s word for it on the internet isn’t that reliable.

Well guns are a right because when the constitution was written the founding fathers had just fought a war against government, the right to bear arms isn’t there for self defense against crooks (though they certainly help) they’re there to defend against the government if they become like the state that they had just fought off, you’ll have a tougher time enforcing martial law with an armed populous.

Also of course Obama is against this, the proposed bill is fascism at it’s most basic, as in as far right as you can go, Democrats tend to be on the left.

Also the government will never control religion, its in your constitution, “separation of church and state” and “freedom of religion.”

and Republican governments may as well control media, during Democrat administration the opposition controls the media

Pom, follow the link in my post and you’ll find links to news stories about the bill, as well as a link to a page that goes over some implications of it.

Edit: Or I can just do the work for you because I’m bored.

COICA bill

If the corps were really in power, it WOULDN’T have.

Ever thought the other reason it didn’t get through is how many people oppose it? NOBODY I have talked to wanted it through.

I’m not familiar with the bill you refer to, but you sound like a whiny little bitch. “Wah, they want to preserve their copyrighted material and not let us pirate it for free!” Bawww.

As far as the standard net-neutrality issue as always comes up in this sort of threat, it’s going to happen eventually by necessity. The internet is growing too quickly for every page to remain free-access regardless of size. I read an interesting article on it, basically saying “yes it sucks but it’s the only way for people to put up websites without going broke in the future.” I’ll see if I can find it. Even ignoring copyright breaking, it was pretty damn compelling.

But by all means, compare a simple anti-piracy measure to the systematic extermination of anyone who dares defy a fascist government.

Kids these days.

This is the foothold.

Start somewhere and expand: its how most things happen.


That refers to things like pornography and gore, to my reading–it is irrelevant to the removal of piracy.

Well then, you could argue the way that the Nazis slowly expanded their dealings with the Jews was a fallacy.

Game developers are already changing their business model to adapt to the prevalence of piracy. For example, subscription systems as with MMOs or invasive DRM like SecuROM.

If I could find the damn link… I could link you to a really interesting article discussing the issue of video game piracy…

But no, I don’t necessarily think the government should get involved with this. If things are allowed to take their course, the industries will evolve around such problems and update their business models.

Don’t forget that anything can and will be pirated/counterfeited from high-end purses to video games. Even console games can and will be pirated.


Game, Set, and Match. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, Piracy has certainly increased to an unprecedented point during the internet age. It’s easy to say that corporations will catch up, and find out ways to stop piracy. The problem is that it’s nigh impossible to catch up with millions of users who are out to find the quickest way to make these products free.

A corporation could implement a hundred different ways to counter piracy, and the internet would have their CD or movie on a torrent site by the end of the week. It’s not necessarily about what is being pirated, and more about the fact that everything that is electronic is being pirated and distributed to millions of users in a matter of days for free. Corporations can’t make any money because piracy is giving everyone their product before it even hits store shelves.

Disclaimer: Playing Devil’s advocate here, and that’s about it.

Every developer should start resorting to online distribution. Steam has a relatively low piracy rate, and I’m sure Valve could cut it even farther if they had the backing of every company on it. PSN and Xbox live could probably do pretty good too.

If EVERY game came through a system like that, they could hard wire into the games they had to connect for authentication.

Then again, that would suck for people like me who have slow internet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait don’t you have a godlike rig? And you have a slow internet?

Does anyone else see a discrepancy here?