Team SCU is Recruiting

Community Members:

Team SCU is actively recruiting self-driven, creative volunteers to put their skills to work for the love of gaming! Due to the nature of the current Prime 2D project, and our choice to not monetize any of it, these positions are strictly voluntary and 100% unpaid. We do these things for the passion of the hobby, for the sake of fun, for the love of gaming and hope you’d like to share in that process.

Successful candidates will be brought into a temporary recruitment step where the Essence (original developers) will issue a task to complete. Upon completion, Team SCU will review the work and choose whether or not to make the recruit a permanent member.

Any applicants and / or recruits whose art is used [with permission] in the project will be credited by name.

Interested candidates should compile a digital portfolio of works and a resumé and send an application to the email link below for your type of art.

Animation / Pixel / Environment Artists

Digital Video Editor

Applications will close on August 1, 2021 at 12:00am EST

Best of luck! See you next mission!

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