Tetris Attack Really Long Match

Copy and paste time!

Shown here is a 40-minute, 53-second-long versus match of Tetris Attack, fought between DeProgrammer and a friend whose Tetris Attack skills he previously had not known about. Included in the first ten minutes is a 21x chain (it starts at about 7:20 in the video, or about 7:13 on the game timer). Additionally, no emulator or other tools were used during the game. It was played on a real SNES, recorded on a classic VCR, dubbed to a DVD, and then copied to and edited on a computer. DeProgrammer won 6 out of 7 games against this highly skilled friend.


And comments would rock. :slight_smile:

you inhuman strange person

Mason, mah boi, you’ve been holding out on me. You up for a game over ZSNES netplay sometime? I used to be quite awesome at this (though it’s been a while), but most people I’ve talked to hate the game and wouldn’t play me. :<

DeProgrammer smash!



Smash indeed, old friend. Smash indeed.

… Did you get owned? <_<

I LOVE tetris. Though I never got into Tetris Attack. And it’s slightly different.
But I do hold 1st place among all my friends on the facebook tetris >_>

Yeah, pretty much.

And meh, I dunno, I never liked regular Tetris that much. TA is a hell of a lot more fun in my opinion.

Then again, I grew up on TA and Tetris 2, and T2 sucks hard, so I’m a bit biased against traditional-style Tetris. XD

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Lol Daz. I can tell you’ve been out of it. It’s good to have you back, though.

Um… I’ll just pretend that any of that made sense.

But yeah. I’ve been getting home from work between 1 and 3 AM lately. Not much time for foruming. @_@ God bless whoever invented the weekend…I don’t MEAN to be nonexistant, but I don’t have much choice.

Damn real life.

Just do some rooting around in hear, I’m to lazy to find it…but I think it was Timmeh that brought up the dildo killing.

i think it was in Daz’s graphics board topic, but like zurg I’m too lazy to actually look around and god forbid post links to it