Is it sad that I’m on an obscure fangame forum with no more than 10 regulars on thanksgiving?

nah, im here too xD

Checking in every couple of hours to see if there’s any activity. :stuck_out_tongue:

I survived…

My family is gone and I made it without hanging myself.

My thanksgiving was a month ago.

Same here, ain’t Canada grand?

Just got back from driving to and from Tacoma, WA. Quite a drive in wet conditions, considering I live in the Vancouver/Portland metropolitan area. Had a pretty good thanksgiving “dinner” before I left, though.

How was everyone else’s thanksgiving?

@Syntax and Lilium: I’m remotely jealous. I wouldn’t mind having thanksgiving a little bit earlier in the year.

I didn’t celebrate thanksgiving but I am really fucking hungry so I’m going to eat.

I -just- started checking the forums again. Been so long :astonished: