The Conduit 2



I’m not sure whether I should laugh, cry, be terrified, or not really care. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Conduit 1 was pretty bad, IMO. They’re gonna have to do a massive overhaul if High Voltage wants to get me sold on the idea of jumping into Mr. Ford’s shoes once more.

It can’t be a good sign that I forgot the main character’s name.

And the plot, too. Something about aliens and the FBI, and I think there was a betrayal plot twist somewhere in there.

I think that was his name. I was actually guessing. There’s some other guy in there too, and I think there’s some alien dude in there as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m cautiously anticipating this one, I mean the first one was able to hold my attention for a while with wi-fi…granted that was summer and not much was happening.

I played the wi-fi for, like, one day, and said “Yeah I’m done.” It was ridiculous. Half the time my wi-fi wouldn’t even connect, and I would just see my character spinning his shotgun around constantly. No HUD, no reticule, just my character spinning around facing the ground or the sky.

shitty deal, that happened to me all of once, lag can be fun

It happened to me on multiple occasions, until I just decided to screw it and stick to the single player. Which ultimately sucked. Next-gen graphics my ass. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Wii isn’t designed for next gen graphics. It’s designed for good gameplay. Which they failed at. So they ultimately suck.

to each his own, I mean my enjoyment was ultimately influenced more by the fact that my Xbox Live connection was on the bust at the time so I didn’t have much else to do.