The Force Unleashed II

I didn’t see any plot holes that were bad enough for me to get annoyed with. I am also a Star Wars nerd, but not big time. Like I can’t name every Sith Master or anything but I know most of the facts. Well, lets just hope they give us what we want without messing up anything…I have a feeling the secret apprentice is gonna be a secret apprentice under Yoda’s watch… Maybe he’ll have something to do with that cave on Dagobah (that always puts me in a brain fuck) where there was a Sith spirit ir whatever. SWAN. GOOD TIMING. Fill me in on that cave please? In Empire Strikes Back where Luke cuts off Luke Vader’s head and sees Luke Vader’s Luke face?

I just listed off a few of them. Alliance should’ve been formed by the point TFU happens in the Star Wars timeline, Leia and the other rebel leaders should not have been surprised when the Death Star came knocking on their front door step, Secret apprentice should not have been nearly as strong as he was, Kento should’ve left Kashyyk at the beginning of the Empire’s rise to power as it was the logical thing to do, the whole Jabba/Rancor rant sorta fits as a plot hole, the list goes on and on.

TFU just doesn’t mesh with the story that was already in place before it came out. The devs decided to take creative liberties with the material they were given, because hey, it sells, and completely disregarded the story that was already set into place by previous games, novels, and even George Lucas himself.

Not to mention that the pacing of the entire game is off. Galen Marek is roughly the same age as Leia and Luke (maybe a few years older, but not many), thus the events of A New Hope should’ve been in full swing right at the end of TFU, yet the Alliance was just beginning to form at the end of TFU. Case in point, word of a Rebellion against the Empire would not have spread so ridiculously quickly so that some farmboy on the backwater planet of Tatooine would find out about it, Leia didn’t have time in between escaping the Death Star in TFU to stealing plans from the god damned thing, Vader would quite literally have to hop in another prebuilt suit for his metal ass to start pursuing Leia for the plans, and Bail Organa would have to have so many fucking connections throughout the ENTIRE galaxy to form a rebellion so quickly that it is nearly impossible to conceive, let alone execute.

My point simply is, the plot of TFU is a game that does not mesh with any canon previously set into place, and therefore is a blight on Star Wars. Well, another blight. There’s already so many blights on Star Wars I’ve lost count. But TFU broadcasts itself so brilliantly I get to have a field day with how badly it sucks.

Again, this is all my own opinion, and considering I bought the Wii version of TFU, and then went to a friend’s house just to play the good version, I don’t really have much room to talk. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Just noticed you edited your post. My bad. Huge rant aside, Empire Strikes Back. Yeah, that scene has given me a lot of grief, but I think I’ve got it figured out. That cave is a place where the dark side of the force is very powerful, to the point where it manifests your biggest fears.

During Luke’s training on Dagobah, Luke learned many things about Vader he did not know previously. His education by Yoda on the dark side also brought many new fears to his mind. The cave was used by Yoda to test Luke’s strength with the Light side of the force.

When Luke entered that cave, he was extremely worried that he would succumb to the dark side and become like Darth Vader. So when Luke sees his face inside of the helmet in the cave, he is seeing his biggest fears becoming a reality. This actually drives Luke to become a better Jedi than Vader was, and allows him to continue his training with Yoda.

That’s about all I’ve got on the subject. There’s a couple ideas of mine that I left out, because they’re a little more opinion based, but that’s basically what I think that scene was all about.

I meant the cave itself more so. Like, why is the Dark Side so strong in there? Before I got TFU, I had a feeling the Dark side ending would be like a fight with Yoda, and you get killed in that cave, and that’s why it’s so…yeah. But that didn’t happen…

That game did get boring pretty quick in gameplay, I think because you had too much freedom. I mean, this is the first game that you could do, whatever the fuck you wanted with your force powers. From rolling an Astromech droid around on the ground, to crashing Ti-Fighters into each other, this game had a lot of gameplay possibilities. I think we may have had too much though, because once you get everything you want, you get bored. And I think it was close to that kind of situation…

Yoda actually talks about that.

Says it’s your fears that are in there. Luke brought his weapons because of his fears.

Makes sense to me anyways. xD

Unfortunately, I don’t know why the Dark Side is so strong there. I would assume that there are just some spots in the galaxy that resonate with the force, and sometimes those spots are not neutral in their force sensitivity.

That would’ve been an interesting ending. Kinda wish they had made that happen.

@Zurg: Now that I think about it, yeah, it should’ve made more sense to me. Haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Wookieepedia is extremely useful sometimes. So yeah, apparently, the cave came about due to a very powerful dark jedi dying in that location, and having his essence with the force absorbed into the surrounding area.

O.O Talk about a flame war… :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not the greatest person to ask about Star Wars plot timeline, having not seen all the movies. (just 5 of em.) I DO know that the Rancor is NOT the biggest thing we’ve seen. The sand monster in the pit (in the sixth movie) could EAT a Rancor for breakfast. I remember how hard it was to kill a rancor in KOTOR, it took like 20 grenades or something. But that was at like level 5. But I digress. I like the huge monster, I think it’s interesting.

On the note of the plot and everything, I think the game takes place over the course of a few years. Maybe two or three, not enough for his appearance to change much. The resistance against the empire seems to be mounting already, as that meeting had a lot of key players in it, but it wasn’t in full swing. So, in two years time, it is conceivable that you could finish mounting the resistance. I think they put it in there fine, though there were some minor glitches in the story.

All in all, I enjoyed throwing storm troopers into Tie-Fighters, and I shall in the second one.

There is no flaming occurring. The argument is about the saga, and is occurring in a logical manner without insults. Should it fall into flaming, I’ll close it. I’m mean like that.


You mean like that?

don’t even…

Lol flame war

But yeah I really wanna see a Dark Side ending like that. It would make sense…

I played the Ultimate Sith Edition levels and they are fun, and the ending is sick, awesome, depressing, and evil. I would like to know what would happen after that because it was a rather annoying cliff hanger. But once again, sick and very Sith-y. Over all I enjoyed it but they messed up on some gameplay things. Like when I was fighting (SPOILERS---------jjjjBenjjjKenobijjjjjj------------ENDSPOILERS) he kept getting caught in this area that was shooting lightning around and he got stuck there and I had to restart.

:O_O: force unleashed 2???OM FREAKIN G!


idk if you guys saw this, it’s kinda old, but still. jizz.…0unleashed%20II
I got chills

Eh, it appears that Lucasarts may be making me eat my words. The reverse grip is back, which I’m happy about. Blue lightsabers, not so much. I’d be okay with one red and one blue, but I just don’t like the double blue. It doesn’t suit the apprentice.

The plot that Lucasarts is introducing seems kind of stupid as well. Vader leaves the apprentice in a room with maybe a dozen stormtroopers, he obviously knows the apprentice can take them. The apprentice takes this as the straw that broke the camel’s back, and all of the sudden it’s game on? I call BS on that.

I’m still extremely unhappy about the whole reboot anyway. They killed him off in the canon ending to the first one. I mean, where do you go from there? Lucasarts is apparently deciding it’s okay to rewrite endings now. I’m not okay with that.

tl&dr: I still don’t like it, but I’m a little more open to what they may be doing with it.

Now, back to lurking for months without posting anything whatsoever.

Vader doing that is probably intentional, he has set up traps like this in the past. The whole thing is he is back with a fractured memory and Vader tells him he’s a clone, then he finds Kota who says he can’t be because nobody so powerful can be cloned. And it’s a whole personal thing, opposed to the first one. Kinda like Empire Strikes Back is to A New Hope.

Why would you do a red Saber and a blue Saber >_>
That’s like…wrong… You probably can use two different colors (I hope) but that’s what you start with. I am very much looking forward to this, all of the gameplay and everything else seems to exceed the first by quite a bit.

@swan, we know him to be a clone in TFU2, hell it is possible that, based on this memory BS, after the third mission of the first game you’re a clone.

also based on the first game I would imagine that you can change the colour of the crystals in both lightsabers.

I did not know this…I still don’t like it. It’s just a way of Lucasarts saying “Oh look, somehow he’s not actually dead! We make money now hurr durr.” I know it has been said a million times before, but Lucasarts should try doing something outside of the Empire timeline. Give us some more KOTOR stories, or hell, go post Empire era. I’m sick of Vader and the Emperor and all this Rebellion stuff. That story has been told, time to move on.

The default double blue frustrates me, simply because it doesn’t look like the apprentice to me. We better be able to change the two colors independently. It would get really frustrating to have to work with standard templates for the dual combo.

Post-empire gives them issues because it’s been so fleshed out in books. They would have to move very carefully.

True. But there’s still plenty of pre-empire stuff they can do. Hell, KOTOR just covers one great Jedi Schism. There’s a few others kicking around in Old Republic era that they could cover.

I wanna see someone cover the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. That could be epic.

I mean:

What’s not to like?

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