The Force Unleashed II

That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking.

Something like KOTOR would be fine, just use more Star Wars’y music, keep the excitement going through the whole game, and make the fighting sequences and gameplay better. Because all that, in both KOTORs, was near terrible. Nothing about it really brought me in…I’m not big on RPGs, but even if it is one, KOTOR needed more excitement. I would play for at least an hour before I get to anything that catches my attention.

TFU is the first time they put new, powerful force wielder in the Empire’s era (on the dark side, at first anyway). It was interesting because there is a new character that can interact with characters we are familiar with, and see where they will lead each other. During the battle with ***(SPOILERS)***–Vader, when Starkiller beat the shit out of him, threw him onto that force field on the ground and then tossed him through a window, into the Emperor’s room, Vader flying into a pillar, breaking it to pieces and crippling the Dark Lord-- ***(SPOILERS END)***…that part was so badass I almost broke into laughter. He got what he deserved, and I gave it to him, and it felt great.

Well the point of this is…I love TFU because it is constantly keeping me entertained with the story, the action, and delivering crazy attacks to enemies helpless to my power or not. And KOTOR was good too, but it had long periods of time where it was boring. There was nothing great about those parts at all. And the story barely sucked me in, I was too distracted by the aggravating gameplay mechanics.

And Phlakes I don’t recall any of this…mind filling me in?

I dunno, maybe I’m just spilling hateorade on TFU for no good reason, I just think that it would’ve been better if the devs had decided to take their creative liberties and just toss them into an unexplored part of the Star Wars timeline. That way, they could have all the freedom they want. The idea of a secret apprentice under Vader is enticing, but it would be better suited for a novel or movie, not a video game where canon material is changed to fit a modern gamer’s desire.

And…uh, that’s about all I have to say on the subject. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh hey Swan…I guess they heard you disliking the blue sabers……vdp_081110.html
You start with red…makes more sense I suppose…I just hope they can explain why he has lightsabers, and give a legit explanation…

Hm…Dismemberment sounds cool.

…That’s about all I have to say. Lucasarts may make me change my mind about this one.

Yep. And it’s getting better.…oda_081310.html
I had a fangasm.
That’s the cave…I wonder what led him there…and I wonder what he sees inside. The fact he is with Yoda makes me all tingly inside.

Yoda = Must buy.

Semi-related: Star wars 1-6 getting Blu-ray treatment = must buy blu-ray drive. So I did. :stuck_out_tongue:

please ban me

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LMAO I didn’t know it did that. That’s awesome rofl

You mean cruel. Haha.

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and ooooooo more stuff cool yay fun looks good…doc2_81610.html

all six movies are getting the blu-ray treatment? I may just finally find a use for that use on my shiny new PS3…actually it isn’t that new a machine, I love that this older console that I bought for less than a new one and then upgraded is better than a new one in one key way.

You got a chunky? They run linux. :smiley:

A chunky with the backwards compatibility chip, and I put a 500GB HDD in it, and no they don’t run linux, its a firmware thing, any PS3 at v3 or higher, and I am at the current version because Resistance 2’s online is surprisingly addictive.