The lost chapter

Think about this… Nintendo never created the Metroid title for the N64 “Metroid: the Chozo Chronicles”. We are the best fans of the saga, and we?re waiting for the oficcial P2D gaming, and maybe, MP2Echoes2D and MP3Corruption2D (MPHunters2D too XD)… Well, actually I?m working in the title of the N64 (but I?m realizing that in the 2d viewing) with new sprites and one new power up: the Sacred Suit. The Game:

 The GF has been received a strange lost transmission in a strange laguage... And only their best huntress can read it: Samus Aran. The text was writed in chozo letters... CHOZO ARE LIVES!!! The Transmission origins were from her infance planet: K2-L.
 Other planets are going to visit our heroin: Aether, PZA-5 (I created this one XP) and SR-388. The power ups that Samus is going to take are the next list:

-Ice Beam
-Plasma Beam
-Wave Beam
-Super Missile
-Seeker Missile
-Ice MIssile
-Power Bomb
-Boost Ball
-Spider Ball
-Power Grip
-Grapple Beam
-Space Hi-Jump Boots
-Speed Booster
-Screw Attack
-Thermic Visor
-X-ray Scope
-Sacred Suit (a Chozo created special Suit, with the same functions of the gravity suit, plus camuflage and Acid resist)

 The last one was added cuz i?m going to include Sylux as a Boss. Do you remember the MP3 Secret ending? That?s the reason and now is the time to show the "why?" Sylux appears.

 Well, i hope you?ll love this cool idea. Bye. See you next topic. :wink:

wrong location
this belongs in the “fangame” section


We have already determined that it is only a 25% chance that it was actually Sylux.
Could have been Dark Samus. (Please no)
Or a pirate.
Or something else. But hell, go for it. :smiley:

Or a ship full of chozo ghosts.
Just saying.

While your idea has merit, I just don’t like it. There are several discontinuities in that storyline. Again, it is a good idea, I just don’t think it would make for a very good game. I mean, I see that as sort of being something for a fanfiction, not a fangame.

But it could easily work as a game as well. So go for it. Good luck!

Oh, and welcome to the forum.

Yes welcome, and good luck. Sounds interesting.

You emailed me! Ack!

DestroyerF was the main one working on the GameMaker P2D project.

I’m a coder, but I don’t do GameMaker, and I’m not really willing to help anyone anymore–I already have more projects and possible projects than I have time for. (But I hate to not help anyone, so I’m actually trying to become a programming teacher.)

I’m glad you have ambition, which I mostly lack, but you’re not too likely to find much help now that pretty much everyone here has their own Metroid fan game projects.

Cept for this Mac Guy… :frowning: Oh well, I work with audio for anyone who needs it. As long as they don’t need it on a time table. XD

so it looks like he just posted this and left xD