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Where do you live?


Washington State. At the time, I was up near Seattle.

I know three inches isn’t a lot, by any means. In fact, it’s very little, when put into perspective. But considering the fact that normally, we’re lucky if we even get a remote dusting, it was something to be amazed about. :stuck_out_tongue:


One of the reasons I moved from the place I visited when I took those pictures is this:

I documented a work week.

Day one:

Day two:

Day three:

Day four:

Day five:

I was lucky that Friday, but I guess you can see how fun I had. Under three hours of daylight every day and that mother fucking snow never stopped falling down. I thought I would go mad. I had to remove that amount of snow two times a day for a couple of months.

We had over 3.5 meters of snow that winter.


where was that?


In Arvidsjaur, Sweden.


AKA the fairy winter wonderland of vikings and other cool things.


Aww, I’m only in the the fairy winter wonderland of Inuit and American pandering.



Verily did I make an unintelligible mirthful sound upon viewing thine image.



It’s a small world.


old video is old…and hysterical


Off of that, I found:

1:03 on is hilarious.


Skip to 2:40ish for the best part, although you should watch the whole thing.


If anyone can make any sense of this then you win the prize.


It’s a bunch of random shit thrown together set to bad Japanese music. The “sense” is that it’s quirky and omg so random xD.
Where’s my prize?


Japanese people have mad skill!


I can see the Demotivators now: Chainsaws, a MAN’s sculpting tool.


I actually watched a guy carve a Bald Eagle with a chainsaw once.


Was it anywhere near that detailed?