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11:31? Go to bed, mister! That’s wayyy too late to stay up. :stuck_out_tongue:



Had just gotten home from work, mister! :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s that I hear about space?


Can’t wait to run this across 3 monitors…



Just made something I think is post worthy.


Fuckin’ Magnited States… How do they work?!


Another serious thing.

Hey, that shit is in Austin. I just went to the Drafthouse last week.


Also, I just made this post on The Escapist-…page=2#11565854

And I guess that’s an honorary brofist for Umbre.


How/why do you look up these things, Phlakes?! It’s like one mindfuck after another…


I get stuck on paths that always lead to really weird things. I got ot that video from the Pokemon Wiki (needed to look up a moveset), to the creepypasta Pokemon Black, no the recent game, to the Pokemon Black page on Know Your Meme, to the creepypasta page on Know Your Meme which had a .gif of that video, so I looked up the video.

Or my friends show them to me.



The riot would have occurred even if Vancouver won.


Okay, I’m actually getting sick of this, the riot was started by members of an anarchist movement called the black bloc who were intent on using the pent up energy and emotion of the drunken crowd to cause large scale destruction regardless of the game’s outcome. Drunken fans are easy to rile up regardless of whether they had lost the game or won.


ITT: Syntax gets mad at people making fun of Canadians.

JK. Love ya man. :slight_smile:



A long time ago, I had that as my background. Volcanic lightning ftw.




…Something tells me that’s in Japan…