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Well unfortunately I lost my job, so my income isn’t disposable anymore. :frowning:

Only reasons I bought a laptop are because:
A) I needed one for school
B) I got a really good deal


So I’ve been here for three years today. Yeah.

List of achievements forthcoming.


Not sure if any of you saw this yet, but it’s the Video Games Live rendition of Baba Yetu, conducted by fucking Jack Wall.


You sold me.

Oh, and yes, it’s awesome.






Posting it here because I can-

On Steam, Left 4 Dead 2 is on sale for $6.79, and Borderlands GotY Edition is $7.49.

Get the hell on that.


Actually not disturbing this time. Metroid related.


Zurg… Please… Every time i go on here you are either fapping to computers or drooling over them… Also having them. I so jealous D:


Dayum, son, that was a lot of posting. Hopefully it’ll bring some people out from their caves of lurking.


So, Miyamoto said that they might collaborate with Retro on the next Zelda.


Sounds like someone has a computer fetish.


Ah, who gives a shit anyway? It’s only for Nintendos retarded consoles.


click here for epic lulz.


Fucking Steam Christmas sale has started. Portal 2 for 7.49, Just Cause 2, Amnesia, Metro 2033, and several indie games for 5, plus lots more, and those are just today’s deals.


Yay. Just purchased portal 2! I hear it’s epikkkk!!!


Round 2. Notable this time is the entire Half-Life series including expansions and TF Classic for $10.

Holy shit.

Also, on an unrelated note, really good Metroid remixes.


Arkham City for $25.

I’m tempted.


Day four since the end.

Food is scarce, water is running low. We lost two good men yesterday.

My wallet hurts. It hurts so much. They try to help me, but it only brings more pain. We still have eleven more days to hold out. I don’t think we’ll last. We’ll never last. This is the end for us.

Now Mass Effect 1 and 2 are $5 each. My time has come.