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Yeah I think this is a good time to buy. I torrented them before but I promised myself I would buy them later because I thought they were such stupendous games.




Good lord get that thing away from me!


True story.



I’m so totally there.


It’s like you took the words right out of my mouth.

Unfortunately I will be traveling by plane all day so I will not be able to participate. Sad day!



Nice. We have a hobo wearing a Darth Vader suit here in Victoria who plays a violin on the streets. Surprisingly, his outfit is genuinely well constructed and accurate.



Possibly the greatest videogame remix medley I’ve ever seen. Includes almost all of the obligatory expected ones, plus a few really surprising but welcome additions.

(Seriously. A metal cover of Bubble Bobble?!)


Reminds me of how many awesome games I missed as a kid…


So I totally just came across this game:…bo-of-the/34863


God that game is awful. Have you even seen the ending to it?


I really wish I had something substantial to say, but I think that game broke my brain.


Yep. You read all the controversy around it? Also note it’s abbreviated LoL.
…I totally have a feeling this is how my first game will turn out.




No, actually, it’s abbreviated to LotL.


Where have I seen that ending video clip before?