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No — I’m the guy that snooped out the user manual. It’s not been released yet, and wasn’t supposed to be found until November.

Basically: I’m the reason that article exists.


How to make Ice Cream!

Man, I hate this guy so much. But I keeping clicking his videos, to see how to make things.

On a more Sexual Note…


My current situation:


Are you implying that you got a girl pregnant after a one-night stand, or that some girl you had a one-night stand with became your stalker and assumed you two will have kids together?


Most definitely the later.

As a matter in fact, she said this the day after:
“I’ve been waiting for years to have the opportunity to say I’ve been with you.”



Or Option three, where she is pregnant with triplets.

Which is sorta like option 1.


She sent me a 2 page essay expressing how much she “loves” me. :O_O:


Just realized that I have quite the issue with tabs on my browser.


For the record, it’s 87.


Did all y’all die or somethin’?


I’d like to believe that these forums will still be around in the year 2100


I died a while ago, yes.


I almost feel like we should mercy kill this forum, but there are too many memories.


Damn it. I still want to play P2D. :angry:


As long as Troid is still doing his godly business, I’m still waiting.


Tech demo within the next month >.>




Merry Christmas to all 3 of you?


Merry Christmas!


fukken right!


And this makes 3.