The Official Yearly Leet Ales topic

happy birthday Emperor Ing!!

happy birthday me! (well, 2 days ago…)

Happy birthday everyone who is having a birthday 2day!!!
(a.k.a. no one)

My b-day was the first so now i am 18. i also have Minors nagging me to buy them cig’s now and i keep telling them NO WAY. Oi >.>

Happy Birthay antidote.

Happy birthday Daz!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAZ!! BTW, i pmed you, aimed you, and posted in your thread, so if you didnt get it, you saw it here.

i also pmed her about it… just noticed u said it and it was on the bottom of the front page.

daz is a guy

nope… daz is a gurl

and dont give me “tehre are no gurls on te intarweb” either >.>.

ask anyone on the forums and they will tell u!@

Hey Serus, I know exactly how you feel. I went a good 6 months assuming that. Maybe it’s because most girls I know don’t go online, make game sprites, participate in actually interesting threads, and act as hardcore admins? Of course it began to make sense when I noticed the age. Daz is a little too mature for baby shit.

Happy Birthday, Dazuro :slight_smile:

<.<…really!? I thought Daz was a guy… <.<… nah, ‘he’ told me through MSN he had a GF… :stuck_out_tongue:

didnt you know she was a lesbian? jk jk… but i really dont know about the whole gf thing… maybe she meant she had her own galactic federation XD

lmao!!! maybe she does…i wouldn’t be surprised…

anyways, HAPPY B-DAY DAZZY!!!

Just to clear everything up about Daz:

Now back to discussing birthdays, not genders or sexual preferences…

Happy birthday Dylan… >.>

Why where you guys talking about Daz anyways :confused:

Late reply, but I was gone for the week of my birthday anyway so I couldn’t really reply anyway. >_>

For the confused, let me explain. I like screwing with peoples’ heads, so regardless of which they call me, I correct them. :3

Um, yeah, back on topic and such.

Yeah, happy birthday Dylan.

Actually, im pretty sure it was a joke, because you had long hair, so some people thought you were a girl.

Anyway, back on topic.

Happy birthday Hairy Pomegranate!