The Official Yearly Leet Ales topic

The youngest person here that posts regularly is around that age probably, is anyone a regular poster younger than me or darkblade ninja?

Me. I’m negative 33527522222222222259256298756623499954467485628956782365926754. In other words, I’ll be born in the year 33527522222222222259256298756623499954467485628956782365928759. (Not really. 14, soon 15.)

You’re awfully literate for someone who hasn’t even gotten created from the sperm and egg yet.

Yeah dude, High School Freshman? That’s like a fetus.

Shut it, Blackie. ;[ -Smack-smack-smack- Be a good boy, eh? -Smashes over head, Diablo II Gargantuan Beast style.-


Don’t be racist. It’s not cool.

So far Chozun is the youngest, but he doesn’t post regularly.

As I said.

And ice, he was just referring to your name. But…blackie?

When was the last time he posted?

'tis cool, J. I’m German anyway.

…What does that have to do in regards of skin color?

Chozun posted in this thread a while back, and I know he’s a spriter…

We ain’t saying never post, we’re talking gendreavus post-frequency.

You should see my post frequency at MHQ. I’ve been there since December 23 and I have over 300 posts. Oh, and BTW I’m 14 until June 21. Then I’m 35 :wink:

vanishes to spam up MHQ

Actually, you post more than alot of people on this board.

Yeah. The last time I checked, some members hadn’t posted at all…

Well you gotta expect people to join then never do anything, it’s a common occurence.

True. That’s why you need a GIMMICK.
When the first demo of P2D is finished, put the link here on this forum. Then make it so you HAVE to join and get a certain post count before you’re allowed to download.

That’s evil… but I like it. :looks at post count: :smiley:

Yeah us talkative people, eh? I consider you my post-count rival.