The Official Yearly Leet Ales topic

On another forum I run, we did that. There’s a lot of extra goodies if you get say 100 posts or 300 posts. I like that idea too. It makes people get involved in the community and invites them to give us input.

Ummm… Happy Birthday? Perhaps we should continue this discussion in a different topic.

Us talkative people also make the subject change, eh?

Yeah. Just look at about every topic in General Metroid Discussion…

Look at THIS topic. this is a happy birthday topic.

Happy Birthday! For all the random people in the world!!!
EDIT: Happy Birthday Enzd! Today you are 19!

Wow. An actual happy birthday post.

YaY! I’m so proud!
Happy Birthday Jerry (my school’s custodian)!

Happy birthday mr president. ^_~

Is it actually his birthday? Of course not. When it is, it’ll probably be all over the news.

Do we even know were aura lives?

I’ll give you a hint: It’s somewhere on Planet Earth :wink:. (Think east coast that’s about all I’m gonna give you).

My school has a huge birthday bulletin. If I really wanted to, I could make a relevant post about every day.

:sweat: i guess i’m a bit late but my birthday was on the 16th of FEB.

Eh? Happy Late Birthday then.

About the were Aura lives thingy, I live in Hawaii, Not hawwain though, Military family so we move around alot, moving to washington state in august.

What’s that got to do with where I live? O.o I live nowhere near Hawaii (Lucky bastard though…)

I feel sorry for you Zachtroid… Having to leave Hawaii for Washington… AHAHAHAHAHAH! Sorry…
EDIT: Happy Birthday Sephiroth!

Hey I`m twelve…Happy belated birthday to me grandpa (Feb 11th)

Eh, it’s my older sister’s birthday today. :smiley: