The Official Yearly Leet Ales topic

!Feliz cumpleanos a tu hermanita mayor!
Meh. No settings for Spanish here…

Happy Birthday Troid 92!!! :smiley:

:O_O: I missed a birthday! :O_O: :cry:

Thanks, Dark Samus! :mrgreen: :smiley:

:imp: You don’t thank me for almost remembering your birthday? :imp:

If it wasnt for this place I would have actually forgot about it.
is teh b-day
Still its nothing special.

WTP says

Darn! I was about to say happy B-Day too…

Happy Birthday!!!

Edit: I don`t want to double post so… Happy Birthday Gold Leader!!! :smiley:

Happy Birthday Gold Leader!!!

How many birthday punches do I have to give? cracks knuckles :smiling_imp:

For Gold Leader? Thirteen.

Aww fourteen punches isn’t fun (Thirteen plus one for good luck :wink: ). Oh well punches him 13 times and once more for good luck

Thanks guys. At least SOMETHING happened on my birthday :confused:

i forgot to say happy birthday to gold leader so i say happy birthday now HAPPY BIRTHDAY gold leader. what about to a have a good night topic :laughing:

Actually im really 13.
And i turn 14 april 23.

Happy Birthday Sewers… I mean Aeryh…Arthgfsfy… aetgpliomey oh…yeah…Aerthyplomaa.

happy birthday aerthyplomaa :smiley:

happy birthday QuickSilfer and BBX25

Happy birthday Quicksilfer. :smiley:

Happy Birthday.

Happy B day! :smiley: