The (Old) Rules

can you make it so that a person has to have an IQ in the double digits to post?

That is already so.

I think you mean triple-digits, right? <_<

If you do, there are many problems with that. There wouldn’t be any way for us to actually tell what IQs people have, and that ruins the whole thing already. Plus, having a lower IQ doesn’t necessarily mean the person is an idiot–They could post with correct grammar and seem intelligent, they just don’t know much geography or math. It works the other way, too. One could have the entire world memorized down to every city, know math perfectly well through calculus, be able to pick out matching/similar shapes with extreme accuracy and speed, have a huge vocabulary, etc., but still post like a complete moron. Finally, this place isn’t to separate the educated from the uneducated and educate the educated some more. Why not educate the uneducated and solve the problem in a more fair way? The educated are probably educated enough to be able to educate themselves (ie go to Wikipedia).

Those last few sentences are a mouthful, so read them carefully >__>

…crap…and yes, i meant the double digits, it just kinda seems like a few people in here have an iq nearly that of…lets say a very smart rat (you know…the ones that can go through a maze)…it was supposed to be a joke…anyways, you are totally right…so…can we make a job of someone to go around and just edit peoples post to have correct spelling/not talk in l33t talk?

Not only would that be a painful amount of work with certain members (<_< >_> No particular names), it wouldn’t help them learn at all. They’d just start to rely on the corrector to make their posts legible, and the problem would get even worse.

And whoops, I thought you meant triple-digits and wrote double by accident.

What section points out you can’t advertise your site? I don’t see it…

Be sure to read all parts of the rules, including the other topics.

Edit: And, to quote Dazzy…

This was from a long time ago, so I wouldn’t say that right now there have been way too many of these, but the common sense part counts.

Ah there was another rules topic…Well sorry for the advertising it won’t happen again.

Stupid two rules topics. I fixed it, now we have a clause about ads here too. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a pity no one will read it anyway… :sweat:

especially with all the new joiners… spamming like theres no tomorrow.

i read through the whole thing… wasnt too much torture :stuck_out_tongue:

I think flaming is stupid with a capital s-t-u-p-i-d.


Y’know, that’s borderline spam. Spam is equally stupid.

Especially in, y’know, the RULES topic.

Just out of curiosity, but how the hell does that contribute to the conversation anyway. Nobody has talked about for flamiong for the last 6-7 posts or so.

??? Anyway, mabye when you first log in, it should take you to the rules page, if that’s possible.

what is the difference between mini-modding and contributing to the forums by pointing out another’s mistake?

The former is done by users. The latter is done by staff.

Points to report button

Has anybody ever even used that thing? Not since I’ve been a mod…

There lies your answer to the mini-modding problem.

Wow. I forgot all about that.


What’s with people spamming in the rules topic lately? -___-

Plus your sig is nearly 5 times the limit.

Irony’s a bitch, isn’t it?