The (Old) Rules

This topic is for explaning the rules not for spaming, if you have a ? about a rule talk about it here instead of this,(timmeh! Rufblag! whoa what a great audience! umm, drugs are bad, mkay! dr-drugs are bad mkay! and my all-time favourite) thats noting but alot of bull.

He’s banned, so no worries.

The spam has been deleted also…

It still bugs me. If he hacked 2 old accounts (assuming the two recently banned acoounts were his), whats stopping him from hacking one of us??? I dunno if a hacker can change his IP, or if its was just two different people.

His IP was banned too, so even if he did jack another account, it wouldn’t let him post from it.

there ways to change IP adress, which it sucks for forum guy who has troublemakers…
it is usless unless this guy doesnt know how

I really don’t feel like getting hacked…

well if i start being a radom spammy bastard. its not me.

Well hopefully, that wont happen, but i was just a little worried.

Anyhow, changing your IP sounds like alot of trouble just to hack THIS forum.

It’s really not that difficult. But let’s please try to stay on topic here. >_>

I’m gonna kill all the OT posts after class later because it’s just ridiculous for a rules topic to be spammed up.

If you make a topic that gets locked do you get a warning? :confused:

Depends on the reason. If it’s one of the above, yes. If not, well, it’s up to the discretion of the mod. Usually not though.

K thanks. :slight_smile:

heh… i remember one such topic i made that got me a warn…

t3h 1337 topic… i shouldnt have made that. >.<

so, basically, dont make a thread if you think it’s not worth posting.

By the way, sig rules updated. I always thought 125 was too small, but people wanted us to obey SCU’s. Now that SCU’s gone, I’m upping it to 450x150. :3

yay :slight_smile:

I noticed my signature was too big and I fixed it, sorry about that.

Hey, at least we didn’t have to fix it for you. :wink:

Heh, yeah, better me than the staff…er, wait. Ignore that message lol

I see nothing wrong with what you said raph. it’s true if they had to change it you would probably have been warned.

It’s true it happened to me on a few occasions.