The Sprite List


Yeah, Timaster finished them somewhere.

If you want to see what currently needs to be done, check out this topic, which is going to be updated later today.


Guess I’ll re-do the plated beetle if nobody has done that, the old one doesn’t even come up to Samus’ knees. :laughing:


I’m assuming that I can work on something that isn’t an ‘artifact’, but w/e. :mrgreen:

I’ll bbl with a prelim. sheet. Sometime next couple of days…

Quick question, would it be under bosses or enemies? b/c it appears as both.


Probably mini-boss or something, I dunno.


That’s not that many sprites… Amazing what you can do with just a few sprites on a game.


Have you ever made a game?
That’s a crapload of sprites.


I’m just impressed, that’s all. And I really can’t find an updated sprite list post, so it’s hard to tell. :cry:


I don’t remember being told about this…
It’s not a problem, I just need to know…what are they?


Sorry for the late reply.

Vault is a room in the Chozo Ruins with a missile expansion surrounded by metal panels that won’t go away until you bomb three bomb slots on one side. I think we talked about it once, but I don’t know if I was supposed to add your name to the list there. :stuck_out_tongue:


So every time I find an P2D resource online, whether it be from a sparkling new post or from a long-lost antique archive in P2D’s pre-historic ruins, I snatch it immediately and store it in my collection of P2D resources, no matter how bad in quality it may be, or even if it is an older version of something already in the collection, or even if we all know it will never end up in the game.

But the other day I made a breakthrough and recovered 378 new P2D image files!!!
A good number of them are simply beta or WIP versions of resources we already had (like an overload of 072’s “frigateoverload*.gif” in its many stages), but there are also some incredible artifacts that I’m glad are restored. Frigate stuff that never made it into the demos, random objects and creatures, unused but detailed room backgrounds, plus lots of information about exactly which members made what resources in almost the entire history of P2D!

We’re still missing most of the lost resources, but holy crap this is exciting!

NetMission Engine

good job!


Can you upload them (seeing as the P2D those are for is dead now)?


No, that would require permission from the original creator.

We can use them, as that was the intended purpose, however posting them here is not allowed without contact.


So I’ve spent many hours now documenting lots of data about P2D resources (who made what and when) and finding even more. It’s quite fun!

Here are a few examples of things worth mentioning that I didn’t have before:

  • Dr Bok Choi’s beta hive mecha sprite
  • Dazuro Ghenari’s beetle sprites (made from parts that can be animated!)
  • Lots of cool frigate backgrounds that didn’t make it into DestroyerF’s demos (due to being in a different style)
  • Too many energy tanks made by every random stranger who walks by
  • BBX25’s power conduit sprites (significant because apparently we forgot about these and made a new version… now to choose which one to use!)
  • Slothien483’s smaller parasite queen (after Stover’s PQ but before Slothien’s big one found in one of DestroyerF’s demos)
  • Dr Bok Choi’s baby sheegoth sheet
  • Stover’s fusion suits
  • KarlProf’s finished glider sheet with a turning animation
  • 072’s war wasp hive sheet
  • Omega Pirate in its many parts and versions
  • Karlprof’s plazmite (it turns out that the one version of KP’s plazmite that originally survived was actually a sarcastic version meant to look bad! I now have the much awesomer versions)
  • The full image of Stover’s Samus close-up (see the upper-left corner of this web page)

Plus many other misc. things (like WIP versions of sprites more than anything…)

I know everyone probably thinks I’m crazy for still caring about the project, but I’m having a blast digging up all this stuff. Someday it will be put to use!

NetMission Engine

Thats a really cool find man. This project isn’t dead as long as all of us are still here, and we’re not going anywhere.


Yeah, I mean many of us haven’t got much better things to be doing.


Current documentation status: 1432 resources included in posts. (Note that there are repeats, WIP/beta versions, and obsolete URLs/lost resources included in this list. This is a measure of how many resources were included in posts, not how many resources we actually have)

Still a while to go… There are many more than 1432.
Although I think it’s a very convincing figure so far in demonstrating just how much hard work has gone into Prime 2-D, especially since this is just a sliver.

NetMission Engine

Worked a little more on this. 1617 resources documented.

Edit: Random trivia. Slothien originally made a higher-res version of the “SCU: beyond The LimiTS” logo and then had to shrink it down later to use in DF’s demos. That higher-res version seems lost for the time being.


I said I’d do it a few weeks ago, but boy does it take a lot of time. X_X
Anyway, the creatures list is updated.

I might tweak the new formatting a bit, but this is as accurate as it gets. Basically, don’t work on anything with a bold name in it, and ask for more info before diving into one with any italic names.

Remember that any new, fully completed P2D resource posted between now and the next tech demo will be included in the next tech demo in some way, shape, or form. So have at it.


Interesting to see how many sets/sprites were done. Are any of these still going to be used? Or is most art gonna be touched up/remade by MetroidZapper?


It’s going to be on a case by case basis as they become relevant. Most of the old graphics were never fully completed, or stylistically don’t match what we made in the video, or just weren’t very good. Some are probably fine as-is, or could be incorporated with touch-ups. The art team will be making these calls. Either way it’s definitely very useful to have these.