The Sprite List


samus = 50px

More sprites needed: selection screen

  • game slot sprite * 3
  • tech stuff around the borders

Take a good look at the selction screen of te original game, it’s something like that I want

Make a mockup on these screens:

So the most urgent sprites are:

  • charge beam charging sprite
  • charge beam chaged sprite
  • selection screen mockup

Please someone make these ASAP


DF has been asking for those charge beam sprites for months now. Someone please sprite 'em; they can’t be too hard to make.

If someone doesn’t start on 'em soon I’m gonna make 'em, and that ain’t gonna be good for anyone. :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:


I’ve already started them =P


Woah nice mockup DF I would help you out but I have the artistic capability of a gnat >_>

Slightly Off Topic:
Someone capitalize the ‘a’ on my name please it’s annoying me >_>


Has anyone of P2D team made wave, ice, and plasma beams or power bomb?

I can help on any of those just tell me and I try to make it.


Not very good ones. Go ahead.


I need to see the old ones to get a good idea form. Does anyone have them?

Note: This is a beta version of the ice beam i have made and still need work and maybe size adjustments to it. So what does all the p2d team think. The little lines you see are the ice beam color i got from an ice beam picture i found.

Here with normal ice beam shot.


Meh, here’s a lame attempt at that menu thing, I just did the border and some of those little fancy things :

Here’s the actual thing :

And here’s what I used as a ref :

Ref image



That looks really good. :O_O:


Why is this stuff not going on in the workplace?


I don’t have permission to access it, if I did then I will move it to the workplace.


I think he meant AleX’s awesome-as-hell border, not your highly mediocre ‘beam’. <_< And he IS a team member, so that’s a good question.



Actually, I just made him a team member today, after he posted that.



Well how this,

Can someone pm me the current wave,ice,plasma beam sprites so I can get an Idea on how to make them.


WotW: that’s not what the ice beam looks like in the game. It’s all jaggedy…
Pics later, if I feel like it.


First… If they were good enough to be used, we wouldn’t need someone else to make them. >_>

Second… just reference the ingame ones… they’re more accurate anyway.


I’m downloading the beam demo test to get the beams picture, I have a program that allows me to rip any pic from, internet, fangame, or lock pictures. So I can get alot of things.

Note: I will not use this program to steal any sprites and claim as my own, dang it doesn’t have a file for paint to use. Ok tim i just wait.


Alex you should make the triangles separate they move up and down and side to side ingam


sorry i stole your project, but i really had a good idea for it. D= is this accurate?

ehh… it doesnt look as good animated as it did on the sheet =(

i found out what was making it suck so badly


I don’t think they had that in mind but its good.

Here mine: