The Sprite List


Thanks, Mason! :smiley:

Yeah, likely the same with Daz’s stuff. But if it hasn’t been seen since the death of SCU, it was marked as lost. So… post 'em. In the workplace if not here.

Is this from the sheet Bok Choi made? If not, ignore everything I say past here. >_>
MZ said there were also damage sprites on the sheet, so we can’t get all of it from that animation. He apparently had it a long time ago but deleted it… Does Bok Choi also go by DrBokChoi? He posted fairly recently on his Deviant account, so someone could just ask him if he still has the sheet, if we really need the damage sprites. <_< Personally, though, I think we should have the baby sheegoth remade. (And IIRC the damage sprites were “disintegrating from plasma beam” ones, which I hear will be programmed, though there may have been more)


I actually had to give Daz back his old Chozo Ghost sprites once. :stuck_out_tongue:


that sheegoth looks tiny. you dont really intend it to be used, do you (even if it was from the bok choi sheet)? it looks like the same size as samus O.o

also, the running animation doesn’t have a flat bottom… wont that be a problem?


Baby sheegoths ARE pretty tiny… aren’t they shorter than Samus in the real game?


i thought they were roughly 3x her size and about the same height?


I just checked ingame. It’s almost exactly her height, actually a little shorter, and about 2.5x as long as the morph ball is wide.


hmm… i guess i was wrong =$

the problem still stands, though, that the sprites cant walk on a level surface… the far leg is roughly 8 pixels off the ground(that or the near leg being 8 pixels in the ground) if we were to implement the sprites in the game.


Yeah, plus it just looks kinda deformed and chibi. The proportions are all cartoony and weird.


I was working on Metroid Prime Exo/Essence. :astonished:

The Exoskeleton’s base is near completion and the essence needs a huge makeover.


Hey Daz, you mind if I give the Aerotroopers a go? They appear early in the game by the sunken frigate, so It wouldnt hurt to try them. Besides, you havent quite finished the normal pirates.

I think I have the model somewhere.


Well, I have a standing pose or two just about done (needs a bit of retooligg still, though), but if you wanna sheet them for me or something, that’s fine. Or if you’d rather start over… I have some incredible references, so don’t do it yet, but go ahead.


Oh, yeah, I’d give it a go. Could you send me the referrences PM? I’d also like to use your for a referrence if that’s okay.


Sure thing.


They’re on my old laptop, so lemme go find a power supply so I can transfer them. >_>

Damn, I was just transfering files like ten minutes ago, and I forgot to get those…


Lol, sure. I can’t work on them today (chores), but I’ll prolly get started tommorow if you can have them by then.


the actual sprites are on the shy guy kingdom i think… if you want to take a look at those. i’ll send you a pm with em.

found em. you should have a pm in your inbox now.


Oh, thanks but that wasnt what I meant to ask for. I meant to ask for a sprite of his pirate trooper, so I could match the style as closely as possible (as well as size).
My mistake >_<, though I needed them anyway, and you saved me the trouble of digging through my sprite folder. : )

Btw, dazz send the referrences soon, because I’ll have time to work tommorow morning.


Didn’t get thsoe yet, but I did get this.


NICE!! im sure those’ll be great for xmegadragon’s sprite. now, can you get one of a shriekbat or did you forget?? o.O


Shriekbat…hm, I’ll see what i can do.

Daz forgot to mention that I’m your new ref. supplier. Although, its not exactly easy to find the models needed in just a few min. So, don’t expect a ton of refs all at once. It can take up to an hour to find one model in the hundreds of other models in the game because file names are things like, 697265f7.CMDL. So it’s not as simple as looking for a name lol. And that’s if i have an idea as to where it is. Anyways, Daz wanted a 3/4 side - front view of prime exo. I sent it to him on messenger but he hasn’t responded. So, here it is:


BTW, I made a topic for my refs in the graphics section. I’ll post refs I come across while searching through the Metroid Prime files, and I’ll also take requests there. So look for my topic if you need refs.


Wow, that pic made me notice so much that I hadn’t seen before. Thanks so much, Daz!