The Trilogy!!!


The number of orgasms I have received from this news is too high to count.

God Yes.

I knew it was gonna happen. :smiley:

Yeah, my brother told me about it earlier. I’m REALLY Psyched. I want BADDDLY

–Prime 1–
1.Yay we get it
2.Boo not til August
–Prime 2–
1.I’m fine with ammo
–Prime 3–

  1. …wut

Well im gonna have good dreams now. yay. ^^

Looks like it’s about time for me to get a Wii.

My level of surprise is…negligible.

gud jorb nintendo

I got this idea from my cousin, it would have it’s ups and downs, but it would be interesting if you unlocked Echoes by beating Prime, and unlocked Corruption by beating Echoes.

the candy man enjoy that idea :3

I think instead that it should go right into the intro of the next, and skip the credits. Lol.

win, that’s what the orange box should have done >_>

Yeah, like one big game?


rundas understands


Wrong section, though. :3

I could’ve sworn I put it in the General Metroid section cuz after I posted it I didn’t find it the next day. I thought someone moved it here. Whatev, move it back :stuck_out_tongue:

What the fuck? I just moved it back, and it’s here again. O_o

maybe P2D is haunted or something

Fingers crossed for a UK realize. I wonder what the Box Art will look like. And if there is a special addition, mp2 + 3 music.

Exactly. And P2D be hacked. Mayhbeehhh!!!1111111???