The Warnings

ill bet…

  1. Dazzy just told you to check post times
  2. Posting in a topic about rules with THAT sig…

i havent had time to change it :cry:

i posted this AFTER he said that…

this is -blam!-ed up. i havent done anything bad… i looked at the rules and it doesnt say ANYTHING about big sigs…

Then look harder. This is just the rules about warnings, there’s still a separate topic for general rules. A topic named, of all things, “The Rules”. But don’t worry, I can easily understand you missing a topic with such a misleading name…

yeah, i realized that a few minutes after i said that…

Isn’t not reading the rules +20% as well? <_<

i have read tehm. y does everyone hate me here?

Okay, just for that… fuck off.

A) You just admitted in a PM that you didn’t read them.
B) We have rules against typing like that.
C) STOP TRYING TO WIN PITY. As I just said in a PM, no one hates you unless you act like this. It’s your own fault if anyone does, because you completely fail at adhering to the rules, and then try to act like a victim. Whiny bitch.

Keep this up, and our posting is going to disabled for a bit. You’ve done nothing but piss me off ever since I logged on here today.

And 072, I already did that.

um… i posted that BEFORE i got that pm

And that somehow makes my points less valid?

well… yes

you cant use those points because i… oh fine, they dont but when i said it it seemed to work… :confused:

how would you know who to ban if they dont admit to stealng the sprites?

You don’t need to admit it. If you steal sprites, people are going to know.

Daz - I figured so, 's’why I didn’t warn him myself. Needed to be sure.

Why don’t you or any others in charge add a rule about repeating topics just an idea?

Most of the time, that’s only an accident. Sometimesw a topic isn’t on the first few pages, and sometimes it is, but you just miss it. Happens to me all the time. Things you get warned for here are things that you have no excuse for.

yeah but it DID read the rules! this is making me mad. i read em ages ago, so i must have forgotten this one.

Oh ok, and I’m glad we have rule on this site if you didn’t have any rule this site will be chaos.

lol contradiction :confused: :E

Magmoor, settle down. You broke some rules, deal with it. You’re warned for a month or two, boohoo. It doesn’t even affect you. Why don’t you suck it up and just let it be?

Because he wants to continue testing my patience.

Kid, follow Tim’s advice before I kick your ass out.

im not trying to test your patience… all im saying is that i HAVE read the rules. so i shouldn’t have a warning for that

You obviously DIDN’T read the rules, or at least not carefully enough.

Follow Daz’s advice: follow my advice.