The Warnings

God, are you dumb? You spelled “thanks” wrong, you imbecile! You belong in grade school!

It’s an internet purposeful typo, how can you not know that?
Like Teh, plz, and stuff like that.

Just throwing this out there, but im a tad uncomfortable with 50% warn. I dunno if its been 2 months since the latest, but its been ages since the “religion topic” incident. Mabye a lowering or something?

the mods will decide when to remove your warn or not… unless, of course, they forgot about you xD

at any rate, its probably there for a reason. but, im not the one to tell you, so you’ll have to wait for the mods.

It went down and back up again, remember? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah. It’s just when I checked the warning, it still have 5 incidents, so I assumed they happened simultaneously. Anyhow, I’ll try to play nice until the time is right.

Admin warnings seem to haphazardly not appear on the warning history for some reason or another.

Perhaps because I don’t always do them through the +Warn thing, but via Edit Profile?

Hello, yeah I had 20% of warnings since last year in June and ever since I came back it didn’t go back to zero, just saying that my warning level has gone back to normal since June 30 '06[/color]

I have been at my current warn level since feb 21…Why?

lack of admin activity or simply no noticable improvement. that or they forgot about you.

it takes a few months before they’ll bring it back down anyway.

But it is supposed to be reduced after a month>.>

If you see that your warning level isn’t reduced after a month, contact a mod or admin.

But I PMd Daz…he seems to not respond to anything from hey I have been this level for a while now to LEEK MAH WARN HAAS BEN HERE FOR TEH YER (not like I’m dumb enough to do that)

Daz is in spain.

besides that, he never responds to any of my fucking PMs no matter where he is…

i’ve sent a total of (i think) three and he refuses to reply to any of them. they were all not sent at once, either. they were more like a month apart, so you think there would be some reply, but none…

Three things:

A.) Daz apparently gets tons of PMs from people, yet his PM inbox only stored 50 messages maximum–send him one while it’s full and your PM will be discarded.
B.) Even as a mod, my own PM inbox kept filling up, believe it or not. Frustrated, I eventually doubled that amount for mods through the admin PC. And as of just a few days ago, admin inboxes can store 200 PMs, so less PMs will be auto-destroyed.
Daz be gone for a bit, PM me or another admin instead for a bit. (administrator-related stuff, of course)

So, sorry for the inconvenience.

i know daz is gone, but i sent the PMs about a half year ago, and i just decided to speak out about it now.

its apperant that what your saying is probably causing it.

Just don’t worry about it, look he off doing something and he need a break. I pm him some and he pm me back so just have patients.