The Weird File Extension Topic

(How do you convert a .wav file into a .smd for HL2? Or do you even have to convert it to use it?)

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It may sound silly, but have you tried simply renaming the file? This has actually worked for me before.

I got it now. that wasn’t the acutual sound file. I had to download a program to open a GCF with the sounds in it, then put sounds with the same name in the corresponding folder.

I think valve basically uses .wav and .mp3… the “SMD” file format is used for models before they’re compiled into one model file.

Like how CoD uses .map and command and conquer used .big

Heh, .cry for Crysis (what is it with Crytek? Crysis, Far Cry, Cryengine, .cry…)

Unreal Dev Kit is .udk

Macs have .app after all programs. Anyone know any more weird file extensions?

Music in DS games are .mod format.

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Saved window files from Opera are .win

Not really. The DS hardware doesn’t handle music. Music can be in any format, as long as the DS developer codes the file reading system.

Using MaxMod, which comes with ndslib, you can use .mod or .it or .xm formats.

City of Heroes data archives have the extension .pigg.

Starcraft used .mpq archives. Total Annihilation used .hpi and .ccx.

There are a billion file extensions out there. Why bother? :stuck_out_tongue:

Halo:CE and Halo 2 save maps as .map files.

Word 2007 uses .docx and Pages for mac uses .pages

I think keynote uses .note or .key Can’t really remember.

.rtf is rich text format, .png is portable network graphic .gif is graphics interchange format, ect. There are lots. LETS MAKE A HUGE LIST!!1010101

The Weird File Extension Topic.

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Files on Fighter Maker are called .stage, .demo and .KGT.

the longest file extension i’ve seen has got to be .blender for blender files.


I think it is the .profile extension on certain PC games.

Try .burnoutparadisesave



I still like my .whatisthisgoingtoopenwith

you can make your own you know…