Everytime you resurect a dead topic, you’ll get a warning. So you got 5 more shots >_>

You know what? No. He already got 40% and two PM’d warnings for necroposting, and that one just happened yesterday, so he obviously has no intentoin of learning.

Fuck it.

Hey metroid, you can get banned faster in you just ask >________>

Edit…My computer just failed and s…well that was fun O_O;;
It just did it again. It posted four times.

somebody should ban you.

I have created a better than curently used tile sheet for the frigrate(SP?) demo.
However, I dont know how to post it, plus I dont want it to be stolen by the masses, so how and were should I post it?

Also, can I get on as a tile creator, i can do much beter than the curent stuff…

Hate to break it to you, but we already have someone redoing the Frigate tileset and all of our other tiles.

However, you’re welcome to post them still. My post here explains how to post an image. If you don’t want it stolen, you could always send a mod or admin a private message with the image.

This is my first tile set, it’s not very good,

if you need some of super metroid’s proper tiles, I saw some on the Shyguy kingdom website, not just floor, but missiles, energy tanks etc
here’s the link
It also has some custom sprites somewhere too, but i don’t think there are any custom tilesets.

Hope this helps :smiley:

Did you edit those from a Mario game?