Quite, mkae sure you get one which supports whatever style of wifi your laptop uses.
Normally g, I think.

Should be in the info.
Hardware manager?

Correct you are. I’m pretty sure that’s the basic wireless router signal nowadays. Even the Wii uses it, so now you need to go out and buy a wireless router that uses that frequency. At least, I think that’s right. It’s been a while.

Hey, no offense taken. I’m only moderately sure, so I wouldn’t take my advice. Wait for PY or Troid to respond. I’m sure they have miles more knowledge than me.

Edit: 10 posts away from being Elite Pirate. Not a big deal, but still fun to see your “class” by number of posts.

Yeah, s123 is right, g is the most common.
However, yours should take g OR b, handily enough.
But yeah, go g.

Hey, I got one right! pulls out the cake

Hey, s123’s throwing a party, and everyone’s invited!