did you use cardstock like the instructions say?

these actually look pretty awesome… kinda like origami. too bad i don’t have any white cardstock ATM so i’m otta luck until i get some.

Before this thread, I never knew how much I wanted a small cardboard tank from advance wars. But now I do.

me neither. i’m printing out yellow comet’s tank right now =D

it’s amazing how much effort is put into the fold lines of link, and yet it still looks so simple when it’s done. it kinda gives you a little more respect for the 3-D modelers for all these new computer games.

working on young link right now, right boot finished and i want a third arm.
i’ll update with pics if you want >_>

If our printer’s ink wasn’t so expensive I’d try a lot of these out, but I’d probably need parental permission to do anything more complicated than Majora’s Mask.

The concept is so awesome, though…

working on hair :smiley:

EDIT: the hair was a bitch to apply, hat is missing some glue.

i printed him out too… but first things first, i need to finish that tank!


first things first, i need to set up my computer!