I recently saw brentalfloss’ With Lyrics videos and noticed a severe lack of Metroid. I was also bored, so I decided to fix this. I took some songs from some of the games and, well, wrote lyrics for them. First I have the Metroid title theme. Feel free to sing along.

Metroid Title Theme

The other songs I’ve done or am working on are Metroid 2’s tunnel theme, Lower (Green) Brinstar from Super, and the File Select/Credits Theme from Prime. I’ll put those up as I finish.

Good luck on metroid 2’s tunnel theme. That one’s a beast of notes.

Here’s Lower Brinstar. Be patient, it’s slow and has lots of pauses. I’ve gotten done with maybe half of the tunnel theme and it’s really hard to rhyme everything. But I’ll put that one up soon. I have Prime’s Credits Theme mostly done, I just need to polish and edit it.

Super Metroid: Lower Brinstar

Alright, I finished the Metroid 2 Tunnel Theme. It took a while to get past the first half, rhyming things like hiding and Xenomorph with such a small amount of space. I’ll clean up to Prime Credits theme and post it soon, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll try actually singing these. Now I know the entire world just went “Oh god, spare us from such a terrible fate” But I might try it anyway. Well, here it is-

Metroid 2 Tunnel Theme

VG music with lyrics?

You might like this guy.



I can’t sing worth anything near a shit. I tried a bunch of times and failed miserably. If anyone else wants to record it, I would appreciate it. I just can’t.


I need a mental disorder, something more like Down’s than OCD, that has two to four syllables and rhymes with “say”.



Do your leg work for yourself! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I couldn’t find any anywhere. I looked through a few lists of mental disorders and apparently none of them rhyme with “say”, so I changed the line. Anyway, it’s still pretty WIP, especially after the second chorus, but it’s close-

The music.

So I finished it, although I’m still not happy with some of the lyrics.

But I also did something REALLY, REALLY STUPID. I decided to try singing it myself.

I already heard my neighbor shoot himself, and my dogs are hiding in a corner, but it’s done. I can never go back. And once I finish editing it all together, I’ll be uploading it and posting it here.

I don’t know why I’m doing this. I shouldn’t. But I will.

Autotune performs miracles. :wink:

Oh god, what am I doing…

If you knew how to sing, I would love your voice!

You know, you guys are the first people to ever hear me sing. Ever.

That’s cute. Thankfully, none of you will ever hear me sing… I have good vocal control, but I hate lyrics. All I can really do is emulate instruments and vocalize instrumental songs.

Okay, I’m switching to a different account from now on.

I’ve been using the other one for years, but I want to keep my usernames consistent, and the one I’m the most recognized with is Phlakes. And really, I thought of “Remskillz” when I was ten or something, because my dog’s name is Remy, and I was stupid.

So yeah. It won’t make much of a difference, but against my better judgment, I’ll be making more of these, and if the channel gets any followers, I want it to be something that’ll work as well as possible.

So friend this channel and everything.

To be honest your singing isn’t off key most of the time. sometimes you have some slurs/slides into the notes rather than hitting them right on, but with some practice, I think you may be able to sing well.

The one very high note in the song was also a little shaky, but again, that can be fixed with practice and good control of your vocal chords.

After all, I’m a believer that anyone can sing (excluding those who are tone deaf).

Yeah, this is literally the first time. And my voice is basically right between two ideal vocal ranges, so generally low notes are just a bit too low and generally high notes are just a bit too high. My voice is stuck in the worst place possible. But that might change in a few years, especially with practice.

And as I said, I’ll be doing more of these, so maybe after a dozen or so there’ll be some noticeable improvement.

And the next song I’m looking at?

Fuck yeah.


Well, you know what, screw it. I suck at it, but I enjoy doing it. So I’m doing another one.

Aw hail yea. But this one’s quite a bit shorter, more for practice than anything else.

And I think I’m improving a little bit. Like the new one says, I’ll keep practicing.

Definitely much better than your first one. If you’re having trouble with the low notes, try harmonizing with them or going up an octave instead.

Lol failsetto.