Or Autotune. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate autotune. It ruined singing.

You’re very in tune when you when you do falsetto. :astonished:
More falsetto plz. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hear that, Phlakes? Troid likes your woman voice. :stuck_out_tongue:

but it made talking fucking awesome

Speaking of Auto-tuning…

That’s mostly good for Parodies, or Hipster Music. Not for talented people. Like Phlakes.

Okay, as you know I’ve been doing this, but I also have two more in the works. Two more that I like a lot more than anything else. The first, which is completely written already, is this, and the other which is still in early development stages is this. The Donkey Kong one will be a lot of fun, I can tell. /not sarcasm. /also not sarcasm.

I’ll probably be recording both Zelda songs on the 26th.

Alright, I’ve dropped Gerudo Valley because it was just practice in the first place and it’s very vocally unfriendly. But, I’ve also found my next one after I finish the Donkey Kong one-

Right here. And, most importantly, with this one I’ll be experimenting with multiple voice tracks.

Anyway, I’m recording the Ocarina of Time one on Tuesday. Hopefully. And I hope it sucks less than the last two.

Well, I lied. I recorded it today.

And it sucks marginally less.

The parts that I get right almost sound like I know what I’m doing, but I still have lots of shaky parts. Also, feel free to subscribe and all that shit. Maybe share it on Facebook so your friends can laugh at it. No such thing as bad publicity.

I’ve also taken my first steps into writing my own songs. I can’t read music so I can’t compose on a computer, so I need to do it all myself, but I can’t play any instruments. So it’ll be a Capella. Well, basically. It’s pretty short, being my first one and all, but all the lyrics are down-

And don’t let the first verse fool you. The title is very appropriate.

Well, I’ve already hit rock bottom this early in my “career”, and I’ve started writing a slow, sad song from the persona of a Magikarp. My mind is gone. Here’s a little bit from it-


I’VE LOST IT. I have completely lost my damn mind.

You see, I accidentally thought of the little idea of making a song for every Pokemon. I thought “Ha, yeah, it would be cool if that was possible”. Then, a few minutes later, it hit me in the face like a flaming train on fire covered in napalm on fire. With rocket engines. On fire.

I realized I have the time, and the motivation. I wrote the Magikarp song in a total of about four hours. But evolutions are so similar… It wouldn’t really make sense to do separate songs about Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur.

So I decided to do a song for every evolutionary line.

That’s 77 songs. Just about half as much as if I did one for every Pokemon.

Well, time to get started. I’ve already had things running through my head for the Charmander line, so that’ll probably come next. I’m guessing this’ll take something around two years if I stay motivated (which I doubt), probably three or more. Hell, I don’t know if this forum will still be up by then. That’s quite a depressing thought. But once I finish the entire series, I can sell a CD of it and make some decent profit.

Well… anyone feel like practicing their composing skills?