the one that rico threw the grenade in? it made a kewl explosion… kinda melted :slight_smile:

It looks alot like a FAMAS because I can’t see the detail near the front of the gun (on the bottom). Otherwise it looks great! Are you going to try and make sheets of these, because that would kick ass!! 8)

Edit: Crap, I see. That’s the fleet carbine, not the kind that the soldiers used:
It’s the one with the green grid, you can’t miss it.
I’m guessing it’s the carbine (the one on the bottom) because there is no detail under there. Am I right?

excellent. the background is a little bland… change it?

suggestion : maybe a desert planet, or a bug cave.

oh, and the bug has a 1 pixle width between the legs and the body.

another criticizm : the bug doesnt have enough zing/action. It is too bland a pose. maybe you could have its head forward and it rawring or something

I know the feeling. Im just tried animating my ing. I have 3 of the 5 legs done, but the last 2 will be a pain in ass. And that drawing is kick ass.

Hmmm, i really like it. For a small mobile enemy in large numbers, it could be a good idea. However. Id say, give it a more interesting color scheme. It could mabye be a nypmh (larva) of the larger kind.

Very boss-ship-monster-evil-ai-terminator-thingeyish.

Tip: don’t quote gigantic posts when yours is the post directly after it.

Can you make it smaller it takes up to much room.

butch’s sprite style is based upon humongusly gargantuin-like huge sprites =P

Heh, yeah, I remember the big-ass bosses in Raptor: Call of the Shadows. They had weapons all over the damn place and took forever to kill. I’d really like to see the gear on that one :smiley:

definantly needs more colors… and, if you’re going to use that techneque of the checkerboard pattern (forgot what its called), dont make it such a large area.

overall, the sprite is good for a beta.

Damn…that sprite is clean…i cant even express how good that is. I think it looks great, but the giant ship still needs more colors.

blue and grey sound good, but if i were u, i would prolly do blue and gold :smiley: :^_^:

That’s perfect.

The hopper is CRAZY SEXY.

The only thing wrong with it at all are the loose dark pixels, but even that doesn’t hurt the sexy.

Ah, good to be back. And yes, one of the frames needs to be redone. I assume its frame 4.

Damn, thats still an awsome sprite. The wing animation just needs work.

Sorry, I was away for the past few days >_>

Hot damn, that’s one kickass sprite. Still, I need to include some criticism (as nothing’s perfect) so here goes: I find the wings a bit odd, as insectoid wings are flat boards of lightweight material. The animation makes the wings look like flabby pieces of paper… My only other concern with the sprite is the seperation of limbs and the “mouth” for further animation. Are they seperate already or are they all together in just that one pose?

that looks great, except the wings look really fuzzy cus of the dithering (YES I REMEMBERED THE D WORD!!!)

You mean damit?? Oh, dithering. Ive never tried it, but something is making the wing look strange.