may I inquire as to the age of your cousin?…-race-issues-ap

Why do people have to read stuff in to everything?

to paraphrase Yathzee: “people are shit”

this holds true here because these people are reading into things designed purely for comedic purposes

And SM my cousin is 1 year older than me and I’m 15. I actually just got back from seeing it for the second time xDD

they must be black because they’re robots…

that makes absolutely no sense at all.

agreed with Pom

also in the lunchroom today I was watching the lunch news and they always have this one critic come in and talk about 2 movies on Fridays. He was talking about Transformers 2 and he didn’t know jack shit about the source material so he was just talking out of his ass for half of his little hazing of the game…so yeah film critics aren’t to be believed on this one.

Double post because I just saw the movie and it was awesome, the people who say it sucks don’t know their ass from their elbow >_>

Transformers are Stupid

obvious troll is obvious

I lol’d.

Saw it, Pretty Awesome I just didn’t like the storyline optimus prime dying screwed it up for me. :neutral_face:

Nice bump there. xD

Lol, Yes I agree with you sir…

hey at least it’s more forum activity from rarely active members