The future of web browsing has a preview, apparently.

Still in early beta, but Jesus Christ is it impressive.
Think apps like Executor, for keyword searches, Natural Language commands (Such as Translate waffle into German: Waffeleisen), plus incredible abilities at using the web as it should be.

Inserting a google map of any area you like, by saying map (place) (Can’t do it without HTML though), twit from whereever the hell you are, whenever the hell you want.

Email a page link by typing ‘email this to (contact)’. It’ll grab the contact and send the page (currently only gmail, but it’s early beta :slight_smile:).

Highlight something, and write ‘highlight’, and it’ll remember next time you visit the page.
And you can write your own commands for it, too.

It’s a command line, enhanced, and given to the web, and by jesus am I looking forward to 1.0.

I give you, Ubiquity.

Heh. Mozilla never fails to impress me.

I’ll get Ubiquity, but not yet. Maybe after they polish up a bit more. I’m never a fan of Betas. They’re cool and all, but I just can’t stand the bugs. Maybe I’m just a prick like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s polished in the way it works, I have yet to find a bug that isn’t the on-the-dot crashing after 15 minutes :smiley:

Hm…Well, then I might just get it now.

Excellent. Computers are back to the way they were in the 80s. We’ve come full-circle! Praise the command prompt!


While this is, indeed, awesome… the “screenshots or it didn’t happen” rule is going to be very easily bipassed.
For instance, I can, in about ten seconds, make it look like PY said that this program is absolute crap and no one should ever use it. I’m pretty sure there’s a way to upload that screenshot in about fifteen more seconds, if I figure out (or make) the right command.


retype my message



shiny image-uploadToHost script that’ll eventually exist this

I’d say 15 seconds overall.


However, after I edited the page, I couldn’t figure out how to disable my changes… then it crashed, just like you said it would.
Then I disabled it so I could continue on my marry way… but I can’t wait for the release. Awesome little add-on.

edit: … and every site under z3.invisionfree.com is running incredibly slowly for me.

Also, EEW, too many toolbars >_<
Nice theme, though, which is it :3

I know, I can kill the bottom two, I just haven’t done it yet.
The firefox theme is the standard firefox 3 theme, and the XP theme is Azenis2 (modified), which comes with LastXP =)

By the way, it doesn’t usually look anywhere near that cluttered. The useless AVG bar (which is now gone) isn’t usually there, and the tab bar… well… it’s the tab bar.

Thank the lord.

I went through pain when I had the bookmarks bar, and that’s useful!

I never use the bookmarks bar, either. I just have my bookmarks really organized so I can find things fairly easily, and I have all the urls of my most visited sites memorized.
Not to mention Firefox 3 gives suggestions based on keywords, which means for some sites I only have to type in two letters <_<

It took me a while to get used to it, but it’s pretty nifty.
Seems to be phasing out again though, I’m using my executor keywords more and more :smiley:

Yeah, I stopped using ubiquity for now. I like a stable browsing experience… but man, is it awesome. I might temporarily turn it back on once in a while.

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to 1.0, when mozilla can really start rolling it out :smiley:

Aye, that’ll be awesome. Can’t wait to actually use it without having to fear the fifteen-minute shutdown (mine actually made it to more like twenty, I think <_< I’ll time it later)

OH MAN. I just installed it, hoping for something slightly nifty, and uh. It’s frickin’ amazing. Wow.

What seems to be the problem with it, though?

Just wait :slight_smile:

I have been <_<

it lasted like an hour first time :smiley: