Actually, Tim might never experience it. Version 0.1.1 was released earlier with several fixes. The bug they claim to have fixed was “crashing and no longer functioning for the rest of a browser window’s lifetime”, but I haven’t had any full browser crashes since then. Before the update the browser would crash after maybe five minutes, always when I’d click a link after being inactive for a few minutes, without even using Ubiquity.

In other news, I regret upgrading to FF3 to try out Ubiquity. They fixed the five things that annoyed me but in their place are thirty more, with no options to remove or fix. I mean, seriously, you add bilinear filtering to image zooming and don’t even leave an option somewhere to turn it off? Bilinear filtering is disgusting if you didn’t notice, and I only zoom in to see sprites better, not worse. :imp:

But that’s another topic.

Hm…Ubiquity seems to hate me…Every time I try to get it to work, it fails on me. Then I go to the addon window in firefox, and it tells me to restart firefox to complete the installation. But I’ve already restarted firefox. I’m running FF3, btw.

Hm…I’ll keep looking for help and trying Ubiquity, but whatever, it’s a beta. I’ll wait if need be.

It’ll ask you to restart any time the add-on list is changed, like when there’s an update to Ubiquity, for example. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoops, just noticed a typo in my post. Anyway, I do restart when it prompts me, but I when firefox opens back up, Ubiquity still doesn’t work.

EDIT: Typo fixed. I accidentally said “installed firefox” rather than “restarted firefox.” Troid’s quite shows the typo lol.

Oh but Troid, that’s the beauty of firefox :slight_smile:
Admittedly it normally works in reverse (IE, an extension to add a feature, not take it away <_<)

Based on everything posted here, I am wondering if I should even attempt to use this program…

I still have Ubiquity running, and I haven’t had a single problem since 0.1.1. Before that it would basically just take 10 seconds longer to load the page I wanted, and my pretty desktop background shows up while it’s loading. (FF recovers very well from crashes)

You should at least try it out once. You probably won’t use it for real, yet, but it’s fun to pointlessly check the weather or test out how many features the calculator lacks compared to those 24-button elementary school kind. It also appears to be the only practical way to do an FF2-style Google search. (ultima white mage magic)

Is there a way to get it to go to a favorite page when I type a certian word for it?

Edit: I got the 15 mins to death problem. D: