am i the only one that see something wrong with this?


i didnt notice, but i cut off the post counts
this is the top ten posters of all time


For the record, I’m also just some fucking guy and I joined in 05.
Edit: Oh, that’s top 10 posters. I get it now =D
Edit edit: Wait, the “top 10 posters” thing seems totally irrelevant to what you’re saying. I don’t get it again.
Edit edit edit: Apparently it was relevant, as your reply suggests. I am teh dumb. Disregard post.
Edit edit edit edit: No you stop editing.

youre not even on the top ten, nor on this chunk of it

let the record show cloud is erroneous, but we love him anyway!

i think


what im saying is


im just some guy who joined years later then most of the other up there


Pretend this was my real response: Yes. Yes there is something wrong with that. Your number of posts since joining is probably greater than my number of minutes lurking since you joined.

my post count is almost double yours, and my member number almost triple x.x

I’m only 4 months newer than you CMC, and I didn’t post for like… a year.

And you’ve been here half the time ^^
I think I was Omega Pirate before you even joined.
Then, I’m not known for posting actively or regularly.
Come to think of it, I’m not really known for anything here. I’m just kinda there. 1/5 of the time.

Edit: @ Zurg: But random guy should naturally have fewer posts than someone who was a team member and then a mod.

youre also a mod now

and i dropped off the radar for a loooong time awhile back

If we’re using “dropped off the radar” as an excuse, then the only reason I’m not on the top posters is because I have trouble staying on or near the radar.

me dropping off the radar should mean im not on the list, but i still am
all that time an only zurg moved up ahead of me x.x

and yeah, i forget he was a team member before

Very few of us qualify as on the radar post-wise. I post maybe 2 times a day average.

Half the people currently ON the top ten posters list aren’t even on the radar.

true, but those ones were also here in like 05

Valid point is valid.

also, even recently i havent been here much, atleast not posting wise
i’ve read, and MAYBE posted something

but waaaay back i was going like 15+ posts a day <_<

And 14.5 of those were pointless nonsense.

by all means i probably shouldn’t be a team member… i think i made 1 thing for them and was working on 1 other thing…

which means i should be, i DID make a sexy few things lol

Yeah, CMC, I remember that mass posting spree you had going there for a while. It was pretty epic.

My ultimate goal is to get on the top 10 posters list, but I need to post moar. Go figure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Siiigh, yeah, it’s looking like you’re going to beat me to it.

Edit: Wow. You joined five months after me, and in that time, the forum apparently had 200 new members.