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Before I post music, how do I upload it so It plays on a web page? For example sometimes you click and it opens a quicktime player with no need for downloading the song

Edit:Okay figured it out. Now, I dislike vocals, so every single tune I create features no vocals whatsoever. My style is purely ambient in which the goal is to portray an emotion. I plan on doing game tunes like Metroid for example, but I mostly do custom tunes. I will respond to requests and do the best that I can. If you’re wondering what programs that I use, they are Acoustica Mixcraft 4, FL Studio 9, and Audacity Beta 1.3.

This is how I list the tunes.
-Song Name: Link

Here they are:

A short slow paced tune. I’m going for action/suspense here.

A long whimsical tune. I wanted an Icy feel. I think of the color “Blue” when I hear this.

This tune was purposely made for my game “Maniac Puzzle”. It is used in world 4.

-Final Battle:…facbea.mp3.html
I thought this tune would sound awesome as a theme for a final battle in a game!

-Final Gray Area:…c023ba.mp3.html
It’s named that way because I had several previous versions for the gray area, (world 1) of “Maniac Puzzle”

I think I did a pretty good job on this one.

Composed on a creative whim.

-Lower Norfair Remastered:
A remastering of “Super Metroid’s” lower norfair area.

-Magmoor Caverns Orchestrated:
No longer to be used for the “Project” formerly known as “Prime”

-Red Brinstar Remastered:
A remastering of “Super Metroid’s” red Brinstar area.

-Kraid Remastered:
A remastering of the song from the original Metroid.

That’s all for now, I’ll post more soon.

I think it’s just how some browsers interpret downloads with certain file extensions, like if you put a download link to an .mp3 it might lead you to the player because of your browser.

Yeah, Pomegranate’s right.

I finished my above post. I would like comments and criticism. I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to actually producing the tunes, but I think I have a good sense of rhythm, beat, pitch, and sequencing.

It sounds very… GBA.

They’re pretty cool.

I can’t give much better crit than that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I added 3 more tunes, Poke!, Final Battle, and Final Gray area. They’re all in the first post.

EDIT: A little fact, I always make my tunes loopable so anyone can use them. If you want to use my stuff for anything, just give credit. k?

Final Battle suffers from too much chaos. The beginning sounds messy and ugly. And then it gets boring for 20 seconds around 1:40.

I think boss battles need a melody.

Well, I’ve improved then! That was one of my first tunes!

Cool. Let’s see you make a .XM format boss song that I can steal for Rendezvous Delano. Haha.

.xm? never heard of it. I’m surprised you found my tune had too much chaos. Listen to Metroid Prime Exoskeleton and you’ll find it has even more chaos.

I’m talking about dissonance, not just a bunch of notes. :stuck_out_tongue: .XM is a modular format. It’s basically improved MIDI with custom instruments, and PAlib supports easy playing of said format. (I hate all the interfaces I’ve seen for XM editors, though…I did manage to convert one of my MIDI’s to it for testing/temporary use in RD.)

Dissonance? I googled it and I can’t find a definition.…_and_dissonance

Well, based on that entry, my tune pretty much fullfilled the whole unstable becomes stable part. It starts off awkward but then builds up to a climax, cools down with standard beats then repeats itself.

the “lead up” to the actual rhythm in haywire really doesn’t fit IMO.

Also, I’m not interested in stealing these songs, but I assume they were done in a midi maker? If so, can you post the actual mid files? I would like to take a look at them. If they’re not midis can you explain how you made them please?

Behold, Magmoor Caverns WIP! as always, in the first post.
I’m not sure if these are considered midis or not, but I made them using virtual instruments in a program called Acoustica Mixcraft 4. When I’m finished, I do some editing to adjust pitch, tempo, and effects with Audacity.

Magmoor Caverns is promising! :astonished:

For some reason I can’t upload to that youshare site anymore.

i think the beginning lead up needs to be increased from 3 measures to 4 measures. 3 isn’t a very round number. It was unexpected that the main song started when it did.