Hey look, another fan game. :smiley:

However, I’m actually not asking for help.
Can you belive it!?
Someone who actually works on their own fangame!?
Anyhoo, here’s a screen from my engine, which was scrapped.
Programming is being continued in C++ by Timmeh.

Designs Copyright © 2008 Tim Hardeman.

So that’s what that enemy looks like. Hm…pretty cool. You see, I was debating how the wings go on the enemy. And how it would move. And…well, just about everything else about it. Anyway, I’ll give the game a shot when it gets, you know, presentable.

I’d say that it’ll be by year’s end, but I’m not positive.

Sweet, I look forward to it.

Oh hey a topic. Cool.
So yeah, there’s that. I might get a screenshot of what the C++ engine will look like by week’s end, but don’t count on it. It’ll look basically the same, so whatever.

I like the background.

That’s funny, cause I don’t think it’s ours :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. It wasn’t. I’m working on a new one now though…and it’s hard as hell. >.<

2 year old topic? Let’s bump it.

This project is back up, on the Unity engine.



Hooray Unity!!

That engine is made of win if Sonic Fan Remix is to be any yardstick.

or dead frontier =D

Nice smooth models. Deff gonna need a DL link in the future. Looking forward to it Zurg. :smiley:

Sorry, it’s Android/iOS only. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fail >_>