Valve is at it again....

Note the 2 logos at the bottom. If you have played portal, you know what it means.

it could be fake… has valve been known to create teasers like this?

Yeah. Pretty much every company has.

And the “august 6th incident” I think is a release date.

I love their shenanigans. I’m really curious as to what that means now >:U

Lol. Nice find. :smiley:

…Wait, why is there also a logo for Alvar Hanso of the Hanso Foundation? That’s from LOST… Could Valve be working with them for some sort of ARG?

The source is fucking OVERFLOWING with hints.

I’ll let you guys know if I figure anything out.

EDIT: I found

If someone could play that backwards to see if it says anything, I’d appreciate it.

EDIT2: Nevermind, someone got it for me:

[17:03] EvilTimaster: BSC
[17:03] EvilTimaster: CBI
[17:03] EvilTimaster: ISD
[17:03] EvilTimaster: D is the only letter that appears once

Launch in November?

This is weird lol.

Apparently HL2 already referenced the Dharma Initiative and 4-8-15-16-23-42, so this isn’t quite as farfetched as I thought.


Okay, I circumvented the lock system I found by poking around the javascript, so…

javascript:amen() in the address bar while on the homepage. Haven’t read it yet, but we’ll see what happens :smiley: if you’re lazy.

So this is so freaking awesome. It’s the first ‘egg hunt’ I’ve ever been on. :astonished:

i noticed on the sign, SAGA is printed in the background. does that have anything to do with something?

This imo is worth a new post:


I think they are all in on something…

Edit: I’m thinking HL2 Ep3 or HL3… either way… HOLY CRAP :smiley:

Edit 'gain:

Play it backwards!

What does it say?

“We have a 14 Juno situation.” or something like that.

Except it’s juNO instead of JUno. Maybe I’m mishearing it.

last time i checked HL2 eps 1, 2, and 3 are HL3 and they will move on to HL4 after amking HL2 ep3

… HL2 isn’t HL3 wtf are you saying. Anyway, the proper way to unlock the image I posted earlier is by clicking the lights in the following order:

Swan likes. Can’t wait to see what Valve is doing.

gets swarmed by ads from trojans. leaves for another week

hopefully not, actually.