VGA Awards

I’m watching them right now and recording commentary. I’ll upload them in 10ish minute segments, if you want to listen.

Highlights so far-

AssCreed: Brotherhood won Action Adventure game of the year

Mass Effect 3 got announced

Commentary Part 1

AssCreed? How boring. The game was clearly rushed. I watched my roommate constantly fall through walls out of the level, engage in a recycled combat system and constantly get jammed in various parts of the world.

Commentary Part 2

Yeah, AssCreed Brotherhood was just a cash-in that should’ve been an expansion pack. Not worthy of a win like that, especially against RDR.


And its music doesn’t suck balls this time!

Commentary Part 3

Commentary Part 4

Commentary Part 5

They automatically fail, just as last year for their GOTY winners

Uncharted 2 over Batman and AssCreed 2?


And now RDR over fucking Mass Effect 2?

do these people have no fucking taste?

And Mario Galaxy 2 wasn’t even nominated, instead we get God of Mediocrity 3?

They suck.


Commentary Part 6

I bet the entire thing was rigged. There’s no way CoD BlOps could get Best Shooter and Best Character, and AssCreed Brotherhood to get best Action Adventure. They probably only won because of the hype still surrounding them.

I guess it’s all based on popularity rather than quality. Such a shame.

Well its obviously based on popularity, they nominated God of Fucking War for GOTY, despite an unattainable new bar being set for that genre 2 months prior with Bayonetta.

…My point is that Bayonetta is better than God of War 3, yet God of War 3 was nominated for GOTY and Bayonetta wasn’t once mentioned that entire show…wait a sec, apart from the 3 of the 4 nominees for best Wii game, there were no Japanese made games there period.

I can smell the conspiracies a brewin’ as we speak.

and @Lillium, I believe the word your looking for is sham, no ‘e’ at the end.

No, I’m confident in my use of vocabulary, however yes, it is also a sham.

If only Bethesda could get their act together on graphics…

Zenimax said that iD Tech 5 will be used on all internal games, so maybe we’ll be getting an actually good looking Bethesda game as they put the gamebryo engine to bed.

So these are some major games coming out in 2011.

Can’t wait for ME3

Just got it confirmed elsewhere, Gamebryo is FINALLY dead.

iD Tech 5?

Do want.


Ahem x2.

This suggests they won’t be using iD 5.

Here’s hoping that iD tech 3 dies soon.

Anyway, I really hope Bethesda can fix the biggest problem I’ve been having with their games since around Morrowind, every fucking character comes straight from the uncanny valley, no matter how much effort you, the player, put in on the character creation screen it always comes out looking subtly inhuman, same goes for all the NPC’s, it really takes you (and here I specifically mean me) out of the experience to see this ‘photorealism’ along with terrible art.

Also, am I the only one who finds it weird that both iD Tech 5 and Unreal Engine 3 are on the fucking iPhone and not the Wii?

Food for thought (about how stupid these people are)