Video Game TV Shows

If they made a movie, it should be off of (IMHO) the greatest Keen trilogy/episode out there: Aliens Ate my Babysitter!

There is a sonic show on chanel 11(If you have cable) and here is a picture of it
It is on at the morning on saturday

1–Channel depends on location.
2–Yes, I know, hence why I said “one that doesn’t get butchered in localization”, because all four of the previous ones did just that.
3–Picture failure: Hotlink blocker.



Okay…deap breath man, your channel 11 might be my channel 97. Or Dazzy’s channel 65. Or M072’s channel 23.

It is at least on kttv

Well that clears a few things up, doesn’t it?

Go here.This might help you find what channel it is on.Sonic X Channels

Oh ya… I’ve seen that before. Not in a while though…
What was that Sonic show with Sonic and two other hedgehogs, one pink, one green(I think) and they played instrumeents in like, a band? That was a good show…