VOTE FOR SAMUS!…ml?battle_id=53

Don’t let her die like this!

We can’t win, all of 4chan except the h section people is mustered against all of their opponents :cry:

Macro plz?

holy shit, Samus won?!?

I just lost 10 bucks

and thats the power of vote flood

if they realize it, 4chan loses


theyve also failed to beat Link with Duke and Mario with Kratos

but EVERYONE loves Gordon Freeman =D

but if freemon wins I will officially kill myself >_>

we’ll miss you

as much as i would like for Link to win, i doubt it’ll happen =[

allow me to rephrase, I will loose faith in the gaming community for calling a character with the approximate the charisma of a rock the #1 game hero >_>

Agreed. With who, I don’t really know. I think that Link should win, just throwing it out there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mario is killing her!

She won against that blob thing.

There’s no fucking way she can beat Mario, he is the ace of gaming, I knew how this was gonna end when they started the poll >_>.

But what we need to do is ensure that the final is Link vs Mario and doesn’t involve the almost nameless/faceless moron from the HL games >_>

ah… i like freeman…

and i will only vote for link after he start to speak, and by speak i mean something other than “SHEEEERRAAAA!”…

I believe you are still alive…

Up yours.

But the gaming community officially fails more epically than I could ever have thought.

I can’t think of a hero cooler than a guy with a beardstache and a fucking Ph.D in theoretical physics that can still plow through SWAT teams and transport himself to an alien homeworld where he completely destroys all of them and there overlord-thing. And doesn’t constantly spout one-liners.

But that’s just my opinion.

He has the approximate charisma of a rock. With the exceptions of Solid Snake and Samus, all the characters who deserved to win were eliminated in the first round >_>.

solid snake just lost vs gordon