Warcraft 3

Anyone here play it? I’ve been amused trying to make a TD map for it, but I don’t play it too often. Green TD is pretty cool though.

Name is Economy Tower Wars.
Anyway, here’s the map idea:
-6 races (dark, light, earth, wind, water, fire)
-each race gets their own techtree which they can build a base with, etc.
-workers mine gold at a rate of 1g/travel
-FFA game style (like tower wars)
-barracks type buildings for summoning creeps to run on your opponents’ mazes
-5 or so (still in planning) towers for each race that are upgradable.
-each race’s capital building has 25 hp, this will be sort of a life counter (invulnerable, but triggers will remove hitpoints)
-once a capital building is destroyed the player loses


of course this will be multiplied (x8)

what do you guys think?

I play, mostly custom games. I also like green TD, and Gems TD is pretty great after you understand it =P
What region do you play on?

Well, this is a coincidence, i’m in the middle of downloading warcraft III right now, map looks cool though.

i play on whatever they call US west

What? and you accidentally double posted. you should delete one.

I don’t know/care about their dumb names =P USEast or USWest is what I call them.
I’ll remake my account there, then… I think it got deleted <_< I usually play on East, but it makes no difference for me.

Cortez, USWest is the server/region he plays Warcraft 3 on =P If you’re downloading it, you… probably can’t play online.

all my friends downloaded it and they can play online

its cus my dad took my modem so i have to “borrow” someone else’s suckass internet.

we should get together sometime and play tower wars or something… my screenname is hairypomegranat. there was no room for the E >:(

also you need to test my map when i finish to check balance, etc… or else! >:(

ps: fav smily is now >:(

Hmm… I don’t know if it’s my computer, my internet, UTorrent, or the torrent itself, but my download is stuck at 93.7% and the downspeed is at 0.0%

It’s none of those. It’s your seeders, of whom there are 0. You’re sharing the file only with peers.

torrents never work on my computer

they always sit there

everything is ALWAYS 0!


nvm, they work now

disable zone alarm. that always works like a charm for me with torrents. also, this topic is about wc3… and my map. now get back on topic or else!! >:(

right, well it was on topic
because now that my torrentness works
WC3 is MINE!

though its an ISO and im lost X.x

Maybe they had real cd keys? Or they bought the game and typed their keys into their online accounts, in which case they can download the games any time they want.

so if the ISO needs to be burned to a disc…
and the ISO is 706MB and the disc is 700MB
but a DVD disc is 4.7GB
BUT it wont accept a DVD in the burner
(both burning software and drive are DVD burnable)

candy dont burn the ISO…
do this:
download daemon tools lite
then, mount the .iso image using the system tray icon of daemon tools in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (make sure the program’s running)
you should now (on the my computer screen) see an extra cd rom drive (this is the virtual daemon tools one) that resembles exactly a wc3 cd. then you just install it, place the cracks in the right folder (should be on the mounted image… usually the ISO comes with a readme for this) and use the keygen.

i’m a little wary of discussing ehm… “lan party” versions of games because it states in the rules not to do so i think… maybe it was just dont post links… meh

If I remember right, don’t post links to ‘warez,’ but… at any rate, we can say we’re just trying to help Candy configure his backup of the game to work without the cd?

Also, Daemon or Alcohol 120% or UltraISO or PowerISO… any of those should work.

Daemon’s always been my favorite, I don’t need fancy management of my ISOs, I just to stick it in a virtual CD drive <_<;

For playing my legal backups, obviously.


Alcohol’s fancy? XD All you can really do is rip, burn, and mount ISOs, if I recall?
The other ones have some odd features, yeah… shrug one of them came with my LastV disk, so meh.