We Have a Winner

A while back I was complaining that devs don’t know how the fuck to make games look good on the Wii.

I know officially retract that statement.

what do you all think?

Don’t say it’s good til you play it.

4 v 4 is meh, but hey, MW2 is only 9v9.

Same issues that plague MW and MW2’s engine still there: Blury textures and sharp edges; even by Wii standards the textures are meh. But what do you expect, it’s running on a modified Quake engine. Not exactly the best stuff out there. I wish they would change to UE3 or CE3 sometime soon.

Teryarch actually appears to be making a good game for once… bout time they matched IW. Then again, with how horribly they botched the PC release, I don’t have any hope for IW anymore. P2P servers, no dedicated servers, no moding, locked at 9v9.
On top of that, read these 2 quotes:
"The PS3 was our main dev platform, so it runs smoother and with better graphics than the PC and 360 versions."
7900 > 260 SLI? BULL CRAP.
"The PC version is not a total port, it adds options such as mouse control and graphics options."
Oh really? MOUSE SUPPORT!?

Who said that the Failstation 3 was the main dev console? and beyond that the PS3 and 360 versions look and run identically, and W@W was a really really good game, the PC port kind of fails but still…

Head of IW said that. Then again, he also went on record saying that he wants to take the fun out of games.


I actually read the whole thing. I think that all of those are fantastic things. I did hate oblivion for that reason. health bar my face. Prototype. Hmmm. FUnnn… L4D2 FUn…

Diablo. The WIN.

funniest shit i’ve seen today

QFT. 'Nuff said.